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Condo unit parking questions and concerns

Posted on Tue, Oct 21, 2014 @ 07:00 AM
condo parking questions 102114 resized 600

Our condo association property manager maintains that there are no assigned parking spaces in our community, which has led to parking anarchy. Some residents have requested signage that reserves their parking space (they do not say "handicapped”, only "reserved.") The plat for my condo (downloaded from the county recorder of deeds) indicates by number that my condo has a specific parking space. Does this mean that space is deeded to me, or is it just an assigned common element for my exclusive use? Can it be taken away? Can I use it exclusively and prevent others from parking there? Since vehicle size has changed since 1985 when units were built, can the association redraw the parking spaces to make them bigger to accommodate the influx of extended cab trucks and large vans used as family vehicles?

Sorry for all the questions but this apparently is a thorny issue.

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Condo unit speed bump height damages car. Who should be responsible?

Posted on Mon, Oct 20, 2014 @ 07:00 AM
condo speed bump damages car 102014 resized 600

Our condo association had a construction company put in speed bumps on the road coming into our complex during the second week of September. We made arrangements during the construction period to stay in our second home in another city 105 miles from the condo. We left our 2001 Volvo S80 in the garage at the condo complex, and drove our Cadillac to our other home. When we returned to the condo, all the speed bumps had been put in and the blacktop had been seal coated. The speed bumps appeared to be very high, and were painted a bright yellow. Our Cadillac was able to barely cross the speed bumps without scraping. The following day we used our Volvo to leave through another condo complex exit gate so we didn't have to cross the speed bumps. We went to pick up our 9 and 4 year old granddaughters and return to our condo unit. Upon returning we had to come through our complex entry gate, because we don't have a number to come through the neighboring gate. We had to cross three new speed bumps that caused $1,400 in damage to our Volvo.

We notified the condo association management company right away and were told to send estimates and pictures, which we did. We also notified our insurance company who sent out an inspector to evaluate the damage. On the following Monday, the condo association had the same construction company remove the 4 to 5 inch speed bumps and replace them with 3 inch speed bumps. We filed a claim with our insurance company, and they have paid the claim minus our deductible. On Monday we went to the HOA board of directors meeting where we were told they are not liable for any damage, and would not let us talk because they were taking up board business and we can only observe and have no input. They passed a motion to not pay for any damage to our vehicle and quickly moved on to other business. The people who ordered the construction company to put in the speed bumps are the HOA president and treasurer, both elderly women who are unqualified and inexperienced to tell the road workers how to do their job. So they called the property manager and had him call the construction company and order them to make the speed bumps 5 inches high.

We were able to talk to the workers when they were removing the original speed bumps and replacing them with 3 inch bumps. They also told us that they had warned the HOA directors that they were asking for problems and they were called to come back and replace the speed bumps due to all the complaints. At this point our Volvo is in the body shop after the mechanic shop put in replacement motor mounts that broke going over the original speed bumps. Now we hear from the body shop that more damage has been uncovered. We talked to the insurance inspector, and he says he will make sure the car is repaired. Why doesn't the condo association have to pay for the damage since they had the speed bumps put in at a height they were advised not to?

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Can condo association tow car for having no parking permit?

Posted on Thu, Aug 28, 2014 @ 04:53 AM
condo parking permit 082814 resized 600

Can a condo association in California tow your car for not having a parking permit? The condo association's rules and regulations do not mention that a parking permit is required. It also states that open spaces are for guest only. A sign at the entrance of my street states public parking is prohibited. If I am a tenant, would I be considered "Public"? The towing company that towed me is also not listed under towing information. Please advise.

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Condo owner with handicap accessible van can't fit in garage space

Posted on Wed, Jul 09, 2014 @ 07:54 AM
condo owner in wheelchair faces parking issues 070914 resized 600

I live in a condo unit with a single car garage. I have MS disease and cannot walk, so I use a power wheelchair. I have a handicapped-accessible van with a side entry that comes down so I can enter and exit the vehicle. My garage, however, is not big enough for the van.

A new condo association called Condo Care took over last year. They sent a notice to me stating that, if I don't park my van in the garage, I will be fined 50 dollars for every time my van is outside. The problem is, if I park in the garage I am stuck in the van. I do not park in front of the garage door, I use the parking space next to my sidewalk that has a wheelchair ramp leading to my condo unit entrance. They have not responded since I've explained my condition to them. Can you help me please?

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Does the HOA have to provide each unit with a parking space?

Posted on Wed, May 28, 2014 @ 07:41 AM
condo unit parking space not owned 052814 resized 600


I bought a 32 unit non-stock apartment cooperative condo 4 years ago. For 4 years now, I have been parking in a parking space the previous owner gave to me. Now I want to sell my condo unit and the previous owner called my realtor and said he is just "leasing" the parking space to me. I was in shock of course because we never had a lease agreement or spoke about me leasing/borrowing/renting a parking space. I never would have bought it had I known it didn't come with parking. The parking space is on the previous owners deed and not mine. The previous owner never told me it needed to be deeded over and he was still the owner.

I think this would fall under fraud or non-disclosure, correct? Also, there are only 28 parking spaces and 32 units so there are not enough spaces for everyone. Why would a developer make units with no parking? Does the HOA have to provide each unit with a parking space? I hear that is a California law now. Can the HOA be forced to create new spaces for unit owners with no parking? Thanks


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Delinquent condo owners get their parking space access revoked

Posted on Fri, May 17, 2013 @ 08:53 AM

Board of Directors in a New York Condominium are proposing a parking rule. That if an Unit Owner is in arrears with their common charges. The Board will revoke their parking spaces. Unless the Unit Owner makes a agreement plan. If not their cars will be towed and or booted. And no one is to use the parking spaces. 1) In our NYC Department of Buildings Certificate of Occupancy, notes that one off-street parking space is required for each dwelling unit. 2) Property valuation (tax assessments)in our Condominium New YORK(NYC)Also states that, one off-street parking space is required for each dwelling unit. 3)In our by-laws it stated the Board of Managers will have the right to reallocate parking spaces among sold units with the consent of the affected Unit Owners. 4)Another section of the Offering Plan states that that although the parking spaces are limited common elements the unit owner having exclusive use thereof. But, it is Board of Managers responsibility of maintaining and repairing the parking spaces, and the cost thereof will be included in the common charges payable to all unit owners. With the above mentioned 1 through 4. Does the Board of Managers have the authotity to adopt and enforce such a parking rule. The main question is it legal or illegal in the the State of New York..

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How can we prevent condo board from renting parking spaces?

Posted on Wed, Dec 05, 2012 @ 07:49 AM
My 32-unit condo complex in Minnesota has an extra eight garage stalls to rent out. Recently the board has rented some of them to non-residents which is against the bylaws. The garage stalls have dividing walls but are open across the top, so this presents a security issue. We are not licensed by the city as a public storage facility, nor will the city get involved. I would rather the garage stalls be empty until an owner or resident wants one. How can we prevent the board from renting garage stalls to the public?

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How do we build a bicycle storage area?

Posted on Sun, Jul 15, 2012 @ 07:18 AM
I would appreciate hearing from anyone with experience "building" a bike storage area. We have a 9' x 9' area currently enclosed by concrete walls on three sides and we plan some kind of concealment/security wall with door/gate access across the front (am interested in thought on materials, vinyl vs wood? Our design can hold 29 to 33 bikes (we’ll have space to one to hang on the back wall). We're looking at buying 2 wave racks off the shelf and arrange on opposite side walls. I'm interested in an inexpensive floor, will start with a dirt surface when current vegetation is pulled out. We're thinking of a hard-surface (concrete?) center walkway with a gravel bike pads on either side. In addition to bikes on the floor, we have an 11-foot ceiling and plan hanging storage. Configuration / materials ideas welcome. We don't have a budget number to meet. Thanks!!

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Association rents common area parking garage to condo owners

Posted on Mon, Jan 02, 2012 @ 08:05 AM
I own two units in a large high-rise downtown Chicago condo building and pay $180/month to rent one space in the garage. The garage is a huge profit center for the condo association. $180/month seems to me like "double taxation" since theoretically I own some small percentage of the garage, which is classified as common element. (There is no deeded parking here, but that may be a direction the board should consider.) My question is this: since the garage is common element, can the condo association legally charge more than their prorated per-space costs to owners needing parking spaces?

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Can condo board charge extra for having more than two cars?

Posted on Thu, Nov 24, 2011 @ 07:34 AM
For over 25+ years every unit had one assigned parking spot and the remaining "guest" spots were used on a first come basis. Suddenly the Board is suggesting that any unit with more than two cars be charged a monthly fee of $35 per additional car and that some of the "guest" spots could be sold to homeowner's that wanted more than one assigned "numbered" spot. Several months ago it came to our attention that a resolution was done in 2002 that said owners with 3 or more vehicles, registered to an address at the condo be charged $25 per month for each vehicle and parking privilege would be revoked if delinquent; however it was never implemented. What are your thoughts? I believe since it is a common element that everyone has enjoyed for many years this isn't something the Board can just implement without some legal ramifications. I would be interested in your thoughts and get ideas how your condos handle assigned and guest parking.

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