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Can condo association nominate directors twice?

stephen polinsky on Fri, Jul 19, 2013 @ 09:09 AM


Our annual Board election is coming up and we have an unusual situation. Our Bylaws state that the nominations must be closed at the board meeting prior to the election, so that absentee ballots can be made available. This year, after nominations were closed, and after the meeting had been adjourned, a board member who was to remain on the board for another year resigned. This left us with 5 open seats instead of 4. We have a 7 member board and the election is staggered so that 4 are elected one year and 3 the next, for two year terms. Is it okay to re-open the nominations at a specially called meeting and nominate another person to the roster? (We had only the required number interested in running, 4 members for 4 spots.) We have since found a member willing to run for the 5th spot. Are we handling this correctly?

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