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Our corrupt HOA board of directors are committing fraud

stephen polinsky on Fri, Jan 31, 2014 @ 09:22 AM


In Oct. 2011, I discovered a criminal syndicate seized control of our Napa, CA condo HOA in 1993. The scheme went unnoticed for 20 years. During the past 30 months, I audited 20 years of HOA papers and financial reports, filed 2 police reports - which are ignored by all local, state and federal law enforcement. Even our County Supervisors, 2 California legislators and a US Congressman look the other way. This situation is very similar to the Las Vegas, NV case (posted at www.usdoj.gov on June 1, 2012). The Napa ringleader is our HOA's "trusted" lawyer since 1983, who with inside connection to the County Recorders Office, drafted and recorded fraudulent CC&Rs in 1998. Included in the filing is the forged signature of a former HOA president, who is claimed to be the DECLARANT of the Restated (e.g., totally replaced) CC&Rs. This person last served on the board in 1989, then moved away for health reasons, and passed away in April, 2000. (Conspirators also claim this person was on hand at the June, 2002 Annual Meeting, and counted the votes.) I forwarded copy of the forged papers and death certificate to law enforcement, but they refuse to acknowledge or speak to them. The California Attorney General's office, however, recommend I take this to the media. I've gone to the local media, but they refuse to speak with me. Seems suspicious to me. Upon realizing law enforcement will not intervene, I sent an e-mail to 17 allied Owners describing 4 criminal frauds I had documented. 6 weeks later, the conspirators sued me for libel. Unable to hire a lawyer, I represented myself at the Mandatory Settlement Conference, where I presented solid evidence to support my allegations. The next day, the libel suit was dismissed - but the conspirators confidently continue, painting me as a trouble maker. In October, 2013, an Oakland, CA based law office, dealing in housing and economic rights, sent a postcard invitation to attend their workshop, which is sponsored by the Napa District Attorney. I signed up (thinking the DA was behind the invitation) and sent a summary of my situation. The lawyer asked to review papers, which I forwarded. The lawyer concluded, "...the offenses seem to be a criminal matter". I forwarded those papers to our District Attorney, and they refuse to acknowledge or speak to the evaluation. I've done my best to make waves and be the squeaky wheel, but I find these officials are linked arm-in-arm, and determined to keep me from exposing these crimes. Consequently, I am in fear of retaliation by the conspirators, law enforcement and local officials. I don't leave my home for fear of a break-in and loss of my evidence. I need solid advice, or a coach, to help us navigate this mess. I don't know where to turn next or how to end this. I'm 66, the stress is killing me, and my financial resources are spent. I can't run away. In December, 2013, I prepared a petition to call for a Special Meeting and 10 Homeowners signed on. The Special Meeting is set for March 5, 2014 and, on the agenda, are these fraud issues and merits of the lawsuits filed against me. Thank you for any comment and suggestion. 

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