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Questions about condo association rules

Posted on Wed, Mar 24, 2010 @ 05:55 AM

Two questions:

1.) Does the condo association board have to inform unit owners of meeting meetings? Either by their web site source or included in monthly newsletter that would be available to ALL unit owners.

2.) As condo board has two resignations, I asked to be accepted on the board thru property management company, which they requested, I email to them. Email back to me from property managers replied the board has to decide. I have been very active in attending the condo association board meetings and letting the board and property mangement know their condo association by-law violations and means of egress issues, etc. Do "they" have the power in rejecting my request?

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1-) The Association Docs should tell you how many days they need to inform you, but by law thay have to do it. 
2-) The Association Docs should tell how to fill a vacancy if happen on the Board Of Directors, in addition your state status should tell you how to fill the vacancy, the BOD's needs to do a election to fill the vacancy if permitted on the docs or wait until the next election.  
Your best source of information will be the Association Docs and State Status 

posted @ Wednesday, March 24, 2010 2:00 PM by Jose E. Humaran

Great Questions!  
While Trustees should inform Unit Owners about all meetings, in many cases they don't. 
And there's very little, short of taking legal action, that Unit Owners can do about it.  
The property managmement company gave you correct information about filling Trustee positions. Please remember---they're simply a vendor hired by the Association to perform managment services-----no more, no less. They have no authority to arbitrate and/or make decisions. That's left to the board, and regretably they do have the power to "deny" your request for an appoitment to the board. That's why many Assocaitions choose to hold elections instead.

posted @ Thursday, March 25, 2010 6:39 AM by Jenna

I paid 14 months in advance my full condo Association fees for 2010 (i.e. November 2009). However, the Association demand “Advance 2011 payments” from all the residents. In other words, they want to collect 2 yrs in advance from all unit owners. Can they do this? 

posted @ Tuesday, March 30, 2010 1:21 PM by E Paradi

We have lived in our condo unit for 20 yrs. The president of our condo assoc. left after being there 20 yrs. Another person on the board took over as president. Our maintenace person who lives in the condo joined the board because they were short 1 person after the president left. When the president of 20 yrs was there,,2yrs ago we had asked if my husbands brother could rent out the unit because we wanted to move. We were told NO! That it was in the bi-laws that renters were not permitted and that no one would care about the condo like the owner would. We were disappointed but we understood and had to cancel wanting to move. As soon as the president left and a new president was put in charge and the maintenance man was on the board. We had 4 people renting out their condos and one of them was the man above us who was having a hard time selling his unit. He rented his condo to 4 people. 2 adults and 2 kids 11 and 4. These are condos that dont usually have kids and usually 1 or 2 people live there. They werent designed for familys. The maintenace man on the board his son also rented out a unit on the 1st floor. 
I brought to the attention of the maintenace man that almost 2 years of the noise above us has us wanting to move,,the kids constantly running in the house,,wrestling on the floor,,constant chaos. Our lives have been turned upside down. Its really bad! I told the maintenace man/board member and he told me that there was nothing that he could do. That we just have to live with it. I was shocked..at his reaction. i brought up the fact the bilaws say that we are not allowed to rent and there shouldnt be renters here. That we were told that by the previous president. He acted like he didnt know what i was talking about. He claimed that the previos president approved all this...I knew his we lying because these people all moved in after she left. I later found out that he has his son renting out one of the condos. So, he is deliberatly lying about the bi-laws to keep his son living there. So, what am i suppse to do if the board is bending the rules and then lying about it to the people who live here. Our lives are miserable now. What can I do if we are being lied to by our board,,,the other board members dont answer their phones,,,so the maintenace man/board memeber is the only one we can talk to...this place has really gone to hell since the original president has left. Renting is not allowed and we know it,,,What can we really do in this situation? what recourse do we have?

posted @ Saturday, December 03, 2011 6:06 PM by Erin Smith

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