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How does new condo association get more board participation?

Posted on Wed, May 26, 2010 @ 07:28 AM
hoa boardI am new to the business of owning a condo association and or a HOA, I am the condo board president and there is only one other person on the condo association board. We are having trouble attracting people to serve. Is it a board if we only have 2 members? Can we legally make decisions as a board? We do have a property management company. Our building has 50 units and is only 4 years old, I was the last person to buy and the developer transitioned out with my purchase? Where can I get answers? Any comments please? Thank you. 7W2BDTTJXFVS



Our community has the same exact problem! We are 5 years old 52 units and only two board memebers! Our BOD seems to think they can do what ever they want and it creates disharmony in the community. My suggestion is get lots of imput from other memebers before making choices for the community. The more you ask them for their imput the better off you will be! Your alot more likey to get more positive involvement from the community this way and even another board memeber:)

posted @ Wednesday, May 26, 2010 7:57 AM by amanda

The by law requires you to have at least 3 members on the board. If you would decide to go management service then you would only have to have 2 board members. That's the way people are in a small community. But let something happen to their units then they will come crying and want it fixed. 
We have the same problem where I live and we only have 15 units. We went management for them to maitain and there is just 2 of us that oversee making the decisions for the management service. The board we did have was useless and all they did was run their mouths and never got anything done. This is why we went management. You may want to consider doing that. Get a meeting together and have the whole community vote on what they want to do. Actually it will take the burden off of you. 
Good Luck to you and out weigh your options!

posted @ Wednesday, May 26, 2010 8:01 AM by s

My condo elects persons to lead our orgaization with zero experience and it appears that there continues to be a general disinterested group in our 45 unit condo

posted @ Wednesday, May 26, 2010 9:36 AM by bob gross

It is sad that people don't take more interest in their own condo building and property. I am the president of a 12 unit association. TECHNICALLY, we have 5 board members, but one is on the board because nobody else wants to take meeting notes, and two of them are on the board to have a vote, but don't do any of the real work. The remaining two make all the calls, meet all the vendors, file all the paperwork, etc. because it seems we're the only ones who really care about our homes. For the most part we're told they've purchased a condo so they don't have to worry about all that stuff, but they're right there to complain when something goes amiss. I suggest you talk to other owners and try to explain that with more board members, the work is shared allowing each individual to do less. Hopefully you can convince one or two others to join the board.

posted @ Wednesday, May 26, 2010 1:32 PM by csl

If you are having problems with getting feedback, suggestion, etc from your residents, try outwww.GeniePad.com. It changed the way our condo board deals with everything once we implemented this condo website.  
Now we can pretty much get instant feedback from our residents. Our residents can communicate within the building, submit issues to the board and property manager, and our meetings aren't a waste of time right now.  
Recently we were looking for volunteer's for one of our committee's. We filled the positions within two days! Try it out, pricing is pretty reasonable too :)

posted @ Thursday, May 27, 2010 1:12 PM by Raf

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