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Bad HOA board, even worse property manager; both have to go

stephen polinsky on Sat, Sep 4, 2010 @ 09:31 AM


I live in a 180 unit HOA in California and my question is what does it take to get rid of your property manager that is never doing there job, and our property is suffering for it. We also have a very inactive board that has members that have been on this board for years and keep getting elected because they have done such bad job of everything no one wants to be on the board with them. 

I was on the board last year they made it hell for me and noting ever got done because they voted against me each time. I am not a board member and will not do it again until this board is gone. I am at witt's end and tried to get help from anywhere on what can we do before our property goes under we have lost some really good owner because they move out can't take it anymore we are gone.

We are getting vendors in from property manager that are not to do business on anyone property.  Everything is a secret from the residents and they fight us all the way.  The HOA board is bad and the property manager is just as bad What can we do?

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