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Any advice for unhappy condo owner in disfunctional association?

CondoAssociation.com on Sun, Nov 7, 2010 @ 11:22 AM


Over the past six years, I have been falsely accused of violations (to the point of harassment), lied to concerning condo association insurance claims, and have been subjected to a plethora of other costly nuisances. There are health and security issues that go on for weeks unresolved. When I complain and offer alternative solutions, I am either ignored or rudely responded to by property management. I have, in turn, become rude several times as it seems the only way to get anyone to react. I am now being threatened with a "cease-and-desist" order, which I believe to mean that I will no longer have the right to communicate directly with the Condo Association or Property Management. (Maryland) There are a couple other unit owners in my building who feel the same way as I do, but they are typically apathetic when it comes to trying to deal with this. The yearly owner's meeting rarely comprise of more than 15-to-20 owners (out of a possible three hundred). What I'm saying is that it's unlikely that I would get support from the community, even if I had the addressed of the actual owners (there are a lot of rental properties here). I have saved all correspondence from the property manager with which I can prove the harassments, inconsistencies and contradictions. Things have building up to a head and soon it's quite likely to explode (so is my head). Any advice be greatly appreciated.
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