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Condo owners need advice removing association board of directors

stephen polinsky on Mon, Feb 28, 2011 @ 01:54 PM


Over 20% of our condo owners have signed a petition to remove 3 board members - without cause - from the Board of Directors. The Association's attorney has been contacted several times in the past 2 weeks regarding this petition. We have asked for clarification from the attorney as to whether any corrective measures are needed. It has been to no avail. The same questions have been posed to the Secretary of the Board to which we have also not received a response. Is the attorney for the Association responsible to represent all of the condominium owners, or are they accountable only to the Board of Directors? Any recommendations as to how to resolve this lack of response, inaction and seeming disregard of our communications? How can we approach this situation to ensure we follow the appropriate protocol?  We are in Connecticut.

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