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More questions about condo association pet rules and liabilities

stephen polinsky on Tue, Mar 8, 2011 @ 08:00 AM


We live in a town home association of 200-plus homes in Southern California. We encompass an entire square block, with lots of areas to walk with the complex. Recently, the board changed the rules and said we are not allowed to walk our dogs within the complex, citing some brown spots on grassy areas resulting from dogs peeing and resulting, they say, in increased landscaping charges. Technically, we are allowed to walk our dogs in the complex; we just can't let them pee there. There aren't THAT many dogs (maybe 20?). As yet, we don't know what the penalties would be if caught. I don't mind walking outside the complex, but for the times I am working at night, I like my wife to walk the dog inside the complex, feeling it is safer. One of the reasons we bought here was the safety within the complex for dog walking at night. Two questions: Can the board institute such a rule, sending my wife -- and other residents, of course -- into the neighborhood to walk dogs at night? And what would their liability be -- and perhaps mine, as a homeowner within the association -- if something happened to someone because of this mandate? Thank you.

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