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Condo associations and the challenge of handicap parking spaces

stephen polinsky on Tue, Mar 15, 2011 @ 08:59 AM


I live in a deed restricted community that has only three handicapped parking spaces for approximately 365 units. Two are by the pool and one in an poorly lighted parking lot on the same street. I live several blocks away. My condo association board tells me that they cannot deal with my "little" problem and don't understand that the handicapped parking needs to be more dispersed throughout the community. There is also an issue that there isn't a handicapped ramp on each corner. When questioned on this we were told we could take the wheelchair down someone's driveway. What good does it do me to park in a handicapped spot blocks away from my building? I also have handicapped friends who I have to shuttle to my condo from that "not safe" parking area. I've been getting the run around for two years until I got the email this morning calling my problem a "little thing" for the board to have to handle. Yet, they are more than happy to tow her resident's vehicles off because their car bumpers slightly went over onto the sidewalk because another resident felt he bought a condo with a sidewalk and didn't like it.

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