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    HOA president, property manager and condo lawyer committing fraud

    stephen polinsky on Wed, May 4, 2011 @ 09:14 AM


    Who do you report fraud to when the HOA president is committing fraud with the help of the PM, her management company and the condo lawyer? The HOA president is authorizing scare tactics to stop the condos owners involved from filing a lawsuit and has spent a lot of all condo owners' money on filing false summons against condo owners which are not warranted and done to scare them. The summons says that the condo owners cannot correspond in any way with the contractors the HOA hires especially the contractor that has done damage to our property when he replaced items in our condos. The attachments to this summons don't even meet the criteria for this summons to be issued yet the judge allowed it. The condo owners were sure it wouldn't be allowed by any ethical judge as the attachments had nothing to do with the condo owners and out of 17 attachments only 2 which were false and made up by 2 contractors that work for the management company ha s anything to do with harassing the contractors. Are our civil rights as USA citizens that easily taken away without anyone checking into whether or not the attachments are true? Is this the way our corrupt people get away with doing unethical things and yet some of them think nothing of wasting the condo owners' money on lawyer fees. Any insight to this will be greatly appreciated?

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