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    Condo association tries to fire bad property management company

    stephen polinsky on Mon, Sep 26, 2011 @ 08:14 AM


    Property management company received a shut-off notice for our "Trash Bill", as we had no funds to pay. One more month went by and they stated that "Trash is going to get cut off".  As being trash we asked if we could make payment arrangements on the "trash" and make personal arrangements for waste pickup. Turns out that what they termed "Trash" was our sewer and water line for our Fire Sprinkler system as well. At this point we had no money and member of condo association had to make payment arrangements and pay out of pocket to city. The management company did not inform that water was cut off as of 10/2010, nor that we had no condo association insurance. In May they acquired new insurance under the false pretense (Board not knowing) that we had no Fire Water. We had annual fire testing done and almost failed due to the fact that we had no water, board called city and got it taken care of same day. Management company's failure to let us know that this was a serious problem and put owners and tenants at risk, yet they say that we cannot terminate our contract. It was said also that we could be sued because "we" did not disclose to a new purchaser that there was no fire protection when she moved in last month. Is there anything that can legally be done on our part to protect ourselves?

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