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What to do when no one wants to be on the condo association board?

Posted on Wed, Jan 02, 2013 @ 07:32 AM
Current condo association board of directors terms expire 1/1/2013. No one is willing to serve on the board. What happens to the Condo Association? How do things get done without a Board?



We had the same thing happen until it was proposed that we hire a management firm which would increase everyone's monthly dues. Suddenly we had a board of directors willing to run the place.

posted @ Wednesday, January 02, 2013 2:19 PM by kt

Many Bylaws (or Declarations) provide that officers and Board members serve until their successor is elected or appointed. Therefore, even though a term of office may end, if there is no successor, that person might be deeemed to continue in office by virture of the Governing Documents. Applicable state law may also have a similiar provision.

posted @ Wednesday, January 02, 2013 2:21 PM by Sara Austin

if owners are not willing to step up to the plate for their own investment, so be it. they will get exactly what is expected - nothing. in due course your property will look like the a run down property. no bills will be paid and so on - nothing will get done and it will cost you double or triple in some cases to ramp back up for the property to be brought bacvk up to a value - all these off site owners want nothing to due with the property but collect rent moneys and the sweat off the backs of voluteers- off site owners who rent their units need to be looked at as investors and be treated according -- as a business

posted @ Wednesday, January 02, 2013 2:30 PM by j

I had the same thing a few months ago. 
I wrote a letter to all the unit owners, and put forth a special meeting process. I stated that if the unit owners do not get a full board of directors i would petition the the District court to put the association into recievership.  
Guess what. The unit owners voted in a full board of directors instead of choosing to have the association put into recievership.  

posted @ Wednesday, January 02, 2013 2:57 PM by john_mastro

Our dox say that if no one steps up, any unit owner may ask a court having jurisdiction to appoint a trustee(s) to fill the vacancy.  
[I suspect that this shaking of the tree will bring forth a volunteer.]

posted @ Wednesday, January 02, 2013 3:01 PM by Frank - MA

A little late to worry now. I fail to understand why owners do not want to be active to help protect their most important investment, their home. It takes some effort to "try" and do the right thing for the benifit of all. Im sure most can find the time for a 45min meeting a couple of times per year. Good luck. No one goes to meetings where I live and it is due to the board. This is what happens when no one cares. 
We had a fixed election. They used 2 separate sets of docs, the old Docs from 1987 which allowed the BOD, for the most part total control and the NEW declaration/bylaws to comply with (CT.PA 09-255) which gives more rights to owners. If I read it right under Roberts Rule you have to have a quorum to hold a AGM, which we did not have and the PM was told by a member no quorum, no meeting but the PM said a quorum was not needed to pass the budget. He side-stepped the question. The question was do we have a quorum?.The PM is correct as to the budget however new directors were also on the agenda. Two members withdrew there names prior to elections because they wanted no part of working with members who did not have the time to comply with new CT law mandates. We were advised via mail there were 2 positions open, then another letter was sent saying 3 positions were open, no one was willing to run so the secretary, not a board member, cast one vote for the 3 persons who never submitted a resume as required. Last year the board reduced the reserves and gave the PM a raise. PM got another raise again this year and we were told there would be and increase in monthly dues this year even before there was a vote. Proxy were requested to be mailed to the PM if unable to attend the meeting however it was a undirected proxy, no instructions and how do you vote for the budget and new directors on one proxy. I give up. I'm still trying to figure out how new payment books were ordered after the meeting on the 20th of Dec. printed and mailed and in my mail box on the 27th. I'd love to question the whole AGM but cant because I cant get minutes of the meeting. 
I wish there was a way to attach PDF files. I have never read such confusing double talk in such an important mailing. Reading Doc's is one think. Understanding them is something else. Connecticut does not need any more new condo laws. Just re-write the ones we have so the layman can understand them without an Attorney and $$$$$$$ to get a interpatation. Who wants to sue their friends and neighbor to prove the bod is clueless and the PM knows better, or does he? 
@Sara......wish you lived in Ct. 

posted @ Wednesday, January 02, 2013 4:17 PM by DIZ

There is another side to the question; how to remove Board members after 8 years? The original bylaws, 
interpreted by the current PM states a board member can run over and over and be elected to an unlimited number of 2yr. term limits. Now it is def not a democratic exercise, because at least one just stays and changes hats...treasurer..to Prez...and back. It infuriates me that they are allowed to get such a stranglehold. And, their interests, relatives and contract awards are controlled by what they want, in the discussions and votes. Whoever said being on the Board is protecting 'your' investment? 
I plan to suggest a review of the bylaws to limit abuse of power. Some make it a career; they don't care. Also, hiring a PM co. is not needed, if there is an excellent accountant willing to volunteer. We pay ours $48,000. per year and they always treat one as their employee and what a burden it is for them to replace a light bulb or look at the possible mold on the exterior siding. Also, some board members who work for companies, like the siding, or snow plowing actually vote against another fee paying neighbor. It took this Board 5 years to correctly analyze why water was seeping into my basement down the side of the foundation and puddling in the yard. I later found out a person who was on the board at the time lived across our backyard and didn't vote yes to help solve my water problem, because "it might affect" her unit!!!Condo living is awful...no one likes anyone; no one does anything....only good point is this one is pet friendly without weird restrictions. I think a better idea for the Board is to get volunteers from the community at large...retired people who will be fair and impartial. Having board members living here just proves it's all for one, and a form of oligarchy just doesn't work. So let the prop. M. Co. do everthing..make decisions by the CT laws and assoc. by laws. For any and every issue one might have to get something planted or repaired, one has to present it to the Board!!! Then they talk it over and vote on it. What a mess.

posted @ Wednesday, January 02, 2013 5:33 PM by Martha Roessner

My husband and I were asked to be on the board when we bought our unit in 1992. My husband passed away in 2009 and I took over his duties.so I am managing alone but I would not dream of giving up my position. I always felt that my contribution counted.I know everyone to call when there is a problem and believe me issues arise.I paint and help clean the grounds and listen to tenants when they need help. To get someone else would be difficult anyway because I own my unit. I am also bi-lingual which is a must in these parts. 
I may have made it a career but never had any real problems and I am always re elected. I work outside the home too. Too much complaining and not respecting one another is always going to create problems.'

posted @ Wednesday, January 02, 2013 8:15 PM by Mari

We are also short on people wanting to be an officer in our association. Two people who live there will serve but are not listed as owners but their parents have the units in trust for them. May they serve?

posted @ Tuesday, January 29, 2013 9:28 AM by Barbara Hilliard

Nothing gets done without a Board. I have dealt with a similar situation where the most capable owners in the development have no interest in serving on the board because they're sick and tired of the A-holes who are always complaining about things but never do anything. 
At some point your association may face a catastrophe that will ultimately put the whole corporation into receivership. In some states, a judge can appoint board members to run the association. This will cost a lot of money, but may end up being more effective than anything else. Sometimes people have to learn things the hard way. Courts can also order the dismantling of the association and the disposition of all the association's assets, which means you have no home anymore if the entire development is put up for sale. 

posted @ Tuesday, February 05, 2013 8:59 PM by Steve Knight

I am not surprised.  
Who wants to volunteer their time, only to be disrespected? 
Have you every heard of a beloved BOD? Have you every once heard anyone say "BOY! I love my Board." No, all they do is complain, but don't want to be bothered volunteering their own time to make things "better".  
It is a thankless job. 
When I volunteer my time in a senior center, my time is appreciated. When I volunteer my time in a food pantry and at soup kitchens, I am given nothing but thank yous. When I volunteer my time on my BOD, I am treated nothing but poorly, and I am only doing my best to try to help my community. Let me be clear. I do not have time to do this. I really don't. No really, I don't. I work 7 days a week, and manage the household myself. Yeah.  
So I go to board meetings, and get yelled at and cursed at by community members that are just being told they can't do whatever they want, when we are only just trying to enforce the black and white rules in the governing documents. Yeah.  
Noone wants to be on our board either. We have had open slots throughout the years. Who wants to be bothered? Who has the time? Who wants to deal with people who don't like to be told "no, you can't put the pink zebra on your lawn, I am truly sorry".  
However, I am not sure what your governing docs say...but in mine..if there is not a certain amount of people on the BOD, our Association gets turned over to the State, and they will manage it. Um, at a cost. A very high cost. Which everyone will have to divvy up and pay.  
Good luck.  

posted @ Tuesday, February 26, 2013 3:31 PM by susan

If you feel you are not appreciated then you need to make your feelings known. Maybe some attitudes will change. There has to be a reason why no one wants to be on the board. t has been the same here. But if ever I feel unappreciated I let my feelings be known. There have been some rough times as there will be.I do feel appreciated for the most part.

posted @ Tuesday, February 26, 2013 7:14 PM by Mari

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