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    Condo association want unit access to make big structural repairs

    stephen polinsky on Sun, Jan 13, 2013 @ 11:58 AM


    My condo has a significant foundation problem. The property manager told me after looking at the cracks in my walls that I needed a new door hinge. He sent out a foundation "expert" who said I had no foundation problem. I finally had to hire my own structural engineer and present a report to the association board before they finally agreed there was a problem. Now, the issue is that they have to come into my unit and dig up my kitchen floor and possibly go into the wall to place the piers to make the foundation repairs. They are saying that putting the floor and the wall back to how it is now will be all MY responsibility - even if they are incidental to the repairs. I have repeatedly asked for them to show me in the bylaws where it says that it is my responsibility if the damage to my floor and wall is part of the repair. They only say that the interior is my responsibility. Their attorney has lied to me - telling me that I would pay for 50% of those repairs - when I asked for documentation, he said he never said that. Am I wrong to continue asking them for documentation? Is there anything that states what a "repair" includes? We have been going back and forth for 3+ months now, and they are now threatening to forcibly enter my unit to make the repairs, saying it is a common area and they don't need my authorization. What can I do?

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