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    Church members are in financial trouble with condo association

    stephen polinsky on Tue, Mar 26, 2013 @ 08:19 AM


    We are a small church in trouble with our condo association. We fell behind on our fees through a series of uncontrollable events. We made efforts to air our situation, but they chose to ignore us and demand their money. The original amount of $30,000 was in dispute from the beginning. When we found out about the debt, we collected all the money he church had, $14,000 and gave it to them. They took the money and continued to threaten us with fencing up the church to keep us out. We have been harassed, cursed out, fraudulently misrepresented to the power company which caused us to lose power on one half of church for one month. We have dealt with condo president placing his junk cars with rats, rabid animals and snakes round church building. He restores junky cars. The stress to church members is unbearable. We have no money and do intend to pay our debt, but in the mean time, we have not had any service as it leaks in our 13,000 foot facility -no service to leaking roof and the list is endless. We owe $$30,000, but they will not negoiate! Although we openly dispute the bill. They have been nasty. Do we have any recourse? We do intend to pay, provided everything is done legally when we regain our financial strength. A lawyer was consulted, but has done little to help.

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