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Am I allowed to install a stairlift in common stairwell?

There is another unit on my floor upstairs. Since we both use the same stairway am I allowed to have a stairlift installed? The stairwell is 39 inches wide.  Alabama

Can board control owners' email activity?

Can a condo board stop owners from sending emails complaining about the board to other owners?


Please help with advice for rat infestation in AL

I have had a rat infestation in my condo.

The management uses a pest control company that has not taken care of this serious rodent problem.


Can Alabama HOA board run an election behind closed doors?

Is it legal in Alabama for an officer of the Board that is the ballot for re-election to participate in the counting of ballots behind closed doors and presenting the ballot results to the homeowners.  


Need an HOA Loan?

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