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Lazy condo board won't take care of the building

Our condo board won't approve turning the central system in the bldg from heat to cooling-so none of the units can turn on their A/C & it is 80 degrees out. First, is there anything we can to to change this? Second, our board often acts in such a lazy manner-if the association gets sued because their actions have caused harm/damage, is each owner liable?

What does the President of a condo association do?

I am a first time president and need to know the procedures in managing this position. How do I start?


Can condo board implement Comcast agreement without vote?

Can the condo board implement an agreement with Comcast without taking a legitimate vote of the 465 owners (they surveyed 100 random owner during the winter when the snow birds (mostly in Fla.)and then consider it a condo-wide vote? Minnesota

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