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Can Alabama HOA board run an election behind closed doors?

Posted on Mon, Mar 16, 2015 @ 07:16 AM

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Is it legal in Alabama for an officer of the Board that is the ballot for re-election to participate in the counting of ballots behind closed doors and presenting the ballot results to the homeowners.  

Small Florida Condo Association has only one member interested in being on Board

Posted on Sun, Feb 22, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

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I live in a small Florida Condo Association. There are 11 condo units, and only one individual is interested in being on the Board.

How can our Condo Association legally pursue issues?

Georgia Condo Association Board not happy with election results, decide to run another vote

Posted on Mon, Feb 9, 2015 @ 08:00 AM

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My Georgia Condo Association is currently in the Board member election process.  The Board is telling condo owners that we are required to vote for 5 Board members, though our documents say nothing about this number.  This is a problem, as the majority of condo owners are in favor of a new Board, as well as a maximum of 3 Board members.

The first vote was held about a week ago by mail. Evidently the current Board was not happy with the results, as they are running the vote-by-mail (at great expense) again!

Can they do this?  It seems to me that condo owners should be able to vote for who they want and not be forced to vote for current Board members that we want off the Board!

Florida Condo Association having difficulty holding election

Posted on Tue, Jan 6, 2015 @ 08:40 AM

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Florida Condo Association having difficulty holding Board Election 010615 resized 600

Hello, I am a member of a thirty-two unit Florida Condo Association. Ten of the condo units are owned and rented out by one non-resident owner, and four other units are leased out by individual non-resident owners.

We must find a new President, Secretary, and Treasurer in the next few months. Because of the elderly ages of several other owners, the availability of the other candidates is almost non-existing. Can anyone suggest how to proceed?

Notification requirements for condo association board meetings

Posted on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

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Condo association board member meeting notification requirements_112014

Our condo association board recently held its annual election on 11/1/14. Five positions were open and three people ran as incumbents. I was elected to one of the other two open positions.

I have just learned that the current condo association board President called a meeting and notified four of the five current members. The member who had not been notified has since been informed that the meeting is to be held tomorrow, yet this is only one day’s notice instead of the ten days’ notice that is stated in our condo association’s bylaws.

This is a closed meeting and is not open to all condo unit owners. That’s where I and the other person who is gone all Summer out of state are to be appointed. Aren’t the persons to be appointed to be included? And shouldn’t everything except legal or executive material be discussed at a meeting open to all condo unit owners? We have over 200 units in our condo association.

New condo association member surprised by Board operations

Posted on Tue, Nov 18, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

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new condo unit owner suprised by board operations 11 1814 resized 600

Is there a government entity that governs condo associations? My condo association Board has been charging ongoing special assessments fees, three in the past two years. The first was for $4K and did not cover the work that had been promised (replacement of rotting wood, for example). Is there anyone who can help with this? I moved in to my condo unit years ago, am new to condo associations, and did not realize the immense level of control that exists.

The condo association was almost $100K in the black when I bought the unit. By the following year, they were almost $40K in the red. Other more involved condo association members have informed me of suspicion of stealing. I cannot believe the government lets this happen. They have just recently pushed two more assessments, claiming they are running out of money. I’ve seen the type of vendors they hire, and believe it’s really about the Board’s lack of business savviness. I don’t mean to slam anyone, but it’s the truth.

Some condo association members (not me at the moment) have a plan to get our current Board out of office, but the vote is not until the middle of next year. In the meantime, they have and may continue to siphon out so much unnecessary money from the condo association. We are a 20 condo unit association. I feel we shouldn’t have to wait until the next election to solve our issues, yet when this opinion is voiced we are basically told to ‘shut up’. It’s horrible. I’ll leave the community nameless, as they are good at doing wicked things to those who don’t value their skills and management.

Thanks ahead of time for any insight you can provide.

Condo association member questions board member election process

Posted on Mon, Nov 10, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

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condo association board member election vote counting 111014 resized 600

We are a 70 person condo association in New York City and are about to hold an election. Our Board of Directors has made the decision to perform the vote tally offsite at the office of the condo association property management company, instead of counting them during our annual meeting.

In 2012, the votes were counted during the annual meeting as it states in the ‘order of business’ section of our bylaws. Last year they had the votes counted at the property management office and we ended up with the same exact board of directors members. Condo association members were never given a vote count or even minutes from the meeting. Our board is not the most trustworthy group of people, and one member specifically is your typical bully.

Shouldn't our condo association be following the ‘order of business’ section as it is written in our bylaws? It reads ‘election of managers (in the event there is an election)’. Doesn't this mean that managers are elected at the meeting?

Co-op Board of Directors has difficult time transitioning Presidents

Posted on Wed, Oct 29, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

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board president signs over accounts 102914 resized 600

I live in a Connecticut co-op association. A new president was recently voted in, and our attorney had to assist in the process. It has now been two weeks and the old president has not signed over the accounts. The attorney said he would speak with her, but has yet to follow up with the co-op board of directors.

It is clear that the attorney is not looking out for the best interest of the co-op. What can we do as a board to make the old president sign over all of the co-op’s accounts and documents? Should we ask the help of the Attorney General?

Is HOA board election required if only current members are running?

Posted on Thu, Oct 9, 2014 @ 03:22 PM

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HOA board election required resized 600

We are an HOA community of 23 townhomes in New Hampshire.  There are five members on the board of directors, and members serve two-year terms once elected.  There are three open seats this year, and yesterday was the cutoff date for owners to announce if they were going to run.  The only candidates running are those current board members whose terms are expiring.  Are we required to hold an election?  Thanks in advance.

How does a condo association or HOA elect board members?

Posted on Thu, Jul 24, 2014 @ 08:50 AM

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Our condo association was formed four years ago, with an initial 36 units and another 36 units to be added. Our condo association bylaws call for a total of 5 directors for the first 36 units, and a total of 7 directors once the additional 36 units are added.

The other 36 units were just built, requiring that the two board vacancies be filled. Does the condo association board appoint the two vacancies until the next association meeting in May when a nominating committee nominates the board members to be elected at the annual meeting, or do we just stick with the board members that the board appoints until their term is up? I can't seem to find anything on this in Robert's Rules.