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Dryer exhaust vents for each unit?

Is it common in condos to have a dryer vent exhaust dedicated to each unit going up to the rooftop?


Can contractor use HOA board seat to get home improvement business?

Can a HOA Board member who is a contractor use his position to force owners to use his company for property improvements? He is also the head of the Architectural Review Committee. We submitted an application to build a fence. We never received any response from the ARC at all, just a very high price quote from the BOD contractor guy. The implication was clearly 'pay to play'- we write him a check and we get our fence. Is this legal?  Hawaii 

Is it ok for board president in Hawaii to do paid work on the property?

The president of our board has done work on the complex for money. 


Condo Association member agrees to pay restitution on embezzlement

Hello there, I’m a member of a Hawaii Condo Association.

We have a situation where an officer of the Association has embezzled funds, but agrees to pay restitution to make the Association ‘whole’, and therefore require no insurance or bond claim filing.

Will this result in a negative impact on (1) the availability of financing through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, and (2) future cost of insurance or bonds?

The Association is considering whitewashing this incident. At this point, is it better for the Association to pursue the officer with policing authorities, or will it in the end be more harmful to our Association?


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