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HOA won't 100% reimburse owner for water damage

My kitchen was flooded due to surface water from a hard rain. The board was notified on two different occasions that this was a possibility due to no way for surface to drain. It happened on April 3, 2015 and I was told by the property management to get an estimate about putting down a new kitchen floor - since a portion of my floor had to be taken up due to wetness under existing floor. My first estimate was from Lowes for $2,900 (all quarter round, as well would have to be replaced. Now they only want to allow me $1,338.50. So I went back to Lowe's and knocked off $1,000.00 (cheaper linoleum, and matching quarter round). This brought the bill to $1900.00. They don't want to pay the difference. Would this be better to go to court or I have made an offer to split the difference. They don't seem to want to work with me. If I filed in court for the original amount what would be my chances going against Homeowner's Association? All of this was caused by improper drainage for surface water - they were notified of this a year and a half ago and again the beginning of this year. This is in Kentucky.

Condo fees questioned between units of different size/construction

We live in a Kentucky condo association.  There are 90 condo units that are 2,400 square feet and made of brick, and another 100 condo units at 1,800 square feet that are wood-framed with siding, etc.

In determining condo association fees, should the construction and cost of repair of the condo unit be taken into consideration in addition to square footage? It seems the smaller units require more frequent repair, yet condo association fees for the larger units are much higher.


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