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    How to handle roof damage?

    Storm damaged condo roof, while roofers where repairing they ripped my compressor out and roofed over the line. The HVAC guys wont cut a hole without HOA approval . HOA says I have to submit a proposal and they have 90 days to review meanwhile the temp is above 90 degrees in my condo making me ill. How do I navigate through this? Should I get an attorney at this point?

    Condo owners not allowed to upgrade to low-e glass windows

    Condo owners responsible for window replacement. Second Owners who are not eligible for lifetime free replacement want to upgrade from plain window glass to low-e glass. Board blocks these requests by saying it violates uniform standards in condo main documents. I believe as long as window itself are the same we should not control low-e glass upgrade.

    Should condo associations give owners notice of repair work?

    Is the Condo Association required to give notice to owners when they are going to do repairs or upkeep that will limit access to the unit or garage. If so how much notice is required?

    Who repairs exterior air conditioning unit - HOA or owner?

    I live in a10 year old townhouse community and am the original owner of my unit. My air conditioning unit sits outside at the rear, side of my townhouse. There is a tree immediately adjacent to the unit, there since my unit was built. The roots of the tree are growing and have extended underneath the air conditioner which sits on the ground with no concrete below it, simply dirt. The roots have grown to the point that it is pitching the air conditioner upwards at an angle.   The tree is the responsibility of the HOA and of course the air conditioner is my responsibility.   The air conditioner needs to be moved as the roots continue to grow and will further pitch the unit at an angle which I have to presume over time will damage the unit.   Whose responsibility is it to pay for the moving/repair of the air conditioner since it was caused by the tree, which is the responsibility of the HOA?

    Unfit window is causing condo unit damage

    I reside in a Condo Community. I have an egress window in my basement and the walls are caving in. They obviously were never property bolted in. The HOA Board is saying that it my responsibility to repair because of LIMITED COMMON ELEMENTS. In the prospectus it says that outside of the home is all common community property. We are not permitted to plant or do anything in the front and in the back of the Condo. However, they are stating that we have to take responsibility for the outside egress repair. Is this correct.

    How do I get condo board to act on mold problem?

    I smell mold/mildew every time I approach a common area that leads into my condominium. I know the roofs are scheduled for cleaning, but the walkways are hazardous from algae and now this mold odor. How far can I push the association to remedy this potential mold/mildew problem. There are children and older adults/seniors who live here and I am concerned for my own health as well as to the risk this algae/mold presents. My association is so quick to jump on the silliest violations and threats of fines, but very slow to respond to owners complaints and fixing problems despite their promises. The road to hell is lined with good intentions...Should I attend a board meeting and bring up the concern even though the last time I attended I WAS SHAMED BY THE ASSOCIATION and not backed by any board members. I've lived here for over 30 years and keep my mouth shut and am ready to rent a pressure washer and bleach and at least get the walkways and steps cleaned up. I slipped once on the steps up to my third floor unit due to algae buildup on the steps.  Georgia.

    Water damage is trouble for condo owners

    Owner has water damage seeping from unit above. Unit above owned by board member who refuses entry. They keep telling owner they will "try" to get entry.

    City is forcing us to upgrade our fire alarm system

    Our 40 unit condo building has been told by the city and state of Illinois that we will need to retrofit an elaborate fire alarm system in our building, as well as maintain and test the system yearly. Projected costs are ~$40k for the alarm system and $4-5k/year for upkeep. The city has told us we basically have no effective rights to appeal the ordinance, and complying with the ordinance will mean our association will no longer be able to be self managed as the current president has indicated he will move before being coerced into paying his share of the costs. Our attorney has indicated we don't have much of a chance to appeal this, has anyone here dealt with a problem like this before?

    Who pays for condo unit door replacement?

    Our doorframe is part of the structure to our condo The board of directors will not repair the outside door frames and they are over 31 years old.  Our Docs say we are responsible for anything inside. Our Insurance company said the association is to repair the outside frame. We received a letter to have the outside frame repaired or the Board will do it and bill us! That's not what our Docs say. Please advise

    Should condo association repair my patio?

    In our six unit condo we have in front of each unit a fenced in patio without gates for entry. Mine has had several big cracks for years. All they do is fill them and then they pull apart enough for weeds to grow up. They have ignored my request to have it repoured. Unit one was redone several years ago and wasn't as bad as mine. Where do I begin?

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