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Does your HOA need a loan?

Noise in condo association from renovations

Unit attached to mine has been doing a complete renovation for over 6 months now. It is everyday even on weekends. Sometimes Sundays.  There has been construction nuisances, such as, noise, cars, trucks, dumpsters being parked on both sides of the street. Sometimes making it very difficult to get to my driveway. I have contacted the board, while they have sympathy for me, they say nothing can be done because we have no rules regarding length of time of construction. There is a rule that no homeowner has the right to interfere with another's right to quiet enjoyment of their property. Since it has been 6 months everyday, do you think this rule should apply. Thank you in advance for input.

Is HOA responsible for vehicle damage?

Is the HOA responsible for damage to my vehicle if is parked in a gated garage?

Who is responsible for termite repair?

I have a water leak from the flashing above the solarium sun room. it has leaked down to the hole from outside on near ground that was caused by previous termite damage, that was not visible, and after the baseboards were removed on the inside and part of the wall was removed to check for mold visa lie in corner of wall. Who is responsible for the termite damage on the inside and the wall drywall repair? The outside leak repair will be done by HOA not inside as I was told by manager,

There is settling in our condo building

There is settling occurring in our 1946 condo building. It is causing un-levelness in the floors of the first floor unit (the second floor unit has some sloping, but not as severe as the first floor), with minor buckling of the floors. The unit sits right over the boiler that sits in the basement and as such has enclosed ceilings with fire proofing so we can't inspect the joists.


Water damage between neighbors

Last night I was doing dishes in my 2nd floor condo and I heard a knock on my door. It was my neighbor downstairs who said that a piece of sheetrock has fallen down due to leaking water. She asked to come in to show me where she thinks that it is leaking from. I allowed here to come in and show me, it appears to be the kitchen sink drain. There is no visible water damage inside my unit. The pipe goes immediately into the floor so i cannot see anything. I called the insurance company. I am just responsible to fix the leak not for the damage. I called a plumber but she will not let anyone into her home. I believe she is a hoarder there have been some terrible smell from the place and junk everywhere from what you can see through the windows. She wants to see if they can fix it from above if not she wants to get her own plumber to fix it. Since i cannot see where it is leaking is that my responsibility and how would i know that she actually fixed it. I genuinely believe that she will not fix the issue. She made the mistake of saying it has been going on for years. I was just made aware of the leak since i just bought the place. There has to be a significant mold issue present. How do i go about getting it repaired if she won't let me? and are the pipes in the walls normally the HOA's?

Condo owners at risk doing repairs

One unit out of 162 units in our complex has lost the railing and screening of their lanai due to hurricane Irma. It is located on the second floor and is completely open to the ground below. They tell me it's going to be a while before a professional screening company shows up to install railings and screening. Yesterday, I noticed the daughter of the owner out there on a ladder installing shelf's on the lanai. One little slip up on the ladder and she would have fell 2 stories. I have alerted my management company that they have to take immediate action to some how cordon off the opening to the ground below to prevent any fall accidents. Also, I have asked them to put the owner on formal written notice that no one is to step out onto that lanai until such time as it can somehow secured so NO ONE will fall off. What are your thoughts? What about the legal obligation(s) of the Board and the management company to take action to this situation. Thanks so much, Bob

How to resolve water leaks and damage behind my condo wall?

There has been leaks behind walls in my unit for over two weeks. The condo association refuses to do leak detection, they have repaired two of the leaks but there are now more. What is a fair amount of time for me to expect this situation to be fully resolved?

New HOA's first move - terminate property management contract

Our HOA has just been turned over to the community from the builder. The association was controlled by a third party management company. We currently have 60 homes in the association with another 30 being added over the next year. Our current budget is around $40k. We do not have any current structures to maintain and very little common area. We do have 3 retention ponds and a small wetlands area. I am currently a new member of the board . The other board members want to immediately cancel the agreement with the management company and run the association on our own. I would like to hear the pros and cons of this decision from other HOA’s who have gone through this process. Current management fee is $6,000 and we are an Ohio association.

Who should repair water line into HOA?

We are part of an HOA comprised of single family homes and our deed includes only the land within ten feet of our foundation. Past that point all belongs to HOA. We have a blockage in our main water line that has cut off all water from our home. We have snaked the line all the way from our home to within a few feet of the meter, which is located at the street, at least 50 feet from our foundation. The line runs under the neighbor's property and driveway. Whose responsibility is it to fix the line so that we will again have water in our home?
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Can condo board mandate replacement window supplier?

I live in a condo in Illinois that is governed under the Illinois Condo Act. The windows in our units are the owners responsibility to maintain and cost of maintenance, repair and replacement are the homeowners responsibility. The bylaws of our association specify the windows must look the same as all other units and be white vinyl clad on the exterior. Our board has recently issued a mandate to the homeowners that replacement windows can only be obtained through a pre-selected vendor thus limiting our right to “shop around” for price. My question: Since the windows are the owner’s property, can the board mandate who we use to replace the windows?

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