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    Should condo association repair my patio?

    In our six unit condo we have in front of each unit a fenced in patio without gates for entry. Mine has had several big cracks for years. All they do is fill them and then they pull apart enough for weeds to grow up. They have ignored my request to have it repoured. Unit one was redone several years ago and wasn't as bad as mine. Where do I begin?

    Can I deduct repair costs from my condo fees?

    I moved into a new condo in a senior community in 2011. From the first, I have had a window which leaks from the outside into my condo. Since the builder went bankrupt, the HOA fixed it 3 times with no success. I need flashing and now they won't pay for it. I have an estimate of $1,000. If I pay for it and then deduct cost from my maintenance fees, will I get sued or a lien against my condo?

    Massachusetts condo law for capital improvements?

    Small, self-managed, poor maintained condo in MA is trying get the property up to par. The problem is the extent of work requiring Special Assessments, as the association has only been in existence for ten years and have not accumulated reserves.

    The question arises with maintenance for Capital Improvements. We received a reasonable maintenance quote for the external repair and paint. Other owners would like to tear off existing and replace with a new product at triple the cost. Divided three way, the proportional interest will exceed 10% of two of the units' value.

    According to MA Condo Law, the Capital Improvement (not maintenance) that exceed 10% of a unit's value can be challenged in court.

    Can someone provide more in depth detail on initiating the challenge process, the best way to accurately value the unit, if representation is possible, and what the possible/probable outcomes of a court challenge would be?

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Do I need condo association permission to update window treatment?

    I own a rental unit in a condo association in New Jersey. Recently, one of my patio glass panes broke and I would like to replace the entire sliding glass patio door. I am willing to replace it with the same color and material that is currently there, but I would like to have blinds WITHIN the glass panes. The requirements for alterations states "patio doors must be full view, sliding glass doors (same size, color and style as existing doors)." I inquired about this to the board eight years ago and it was rejected. It doesn't seem as though the alteration requirement has kept up with recent design where the blinds are placed between the panes of a modern patio door. They do not explicitly prohibit this within their documents, but have verbally told me no. My number one reason for wanting to do this is, in my opinion, it's simply looks way better than vertical blinds to keep the sunlight out which were popular in the early 90s. It would also be more efficient at keeping the heat out of the home by blocking it before it came through both panes of glass. There is also the added benefit of reducing the build up of allergens that collect on blinds not within the window panes. Spending the extra money to include these blinds is well worth it, in my opinion, in order to increase the property value alone. So, is it allowable to install this if it is not addressed in the alterations form? Is it not meeting the requirements of the alterations form because it would be considered a different "style"? Does the board have a requirement to prove that my request would decrease the values of the community? Thanks for your input.

    Condo unit gets water damage and no repair help from association

    I have nothing but problems since buying this apartment/condo HOA dues paid.  First, the unit next door was vacant and flooded which came under wall and caused water damage to my unit and it cost me approximately $5K to repair and the association did nothing. Now I have a foundation crack all the way across my concrete floor and the water has caused severe damage. The property manager shut the water off and told me to call a plumber as it was my problem. He texted me saying once it was done for me to cut water back on to main bldg.  The  plumber says it's a water line under slab. What rights do I have? I am overwhelmed and at the end of my rope with this. Not the president or anyone else on the board has offered a hand or even mentioned it.

    Who is responsible for floor repair inside condo unit?

    I live in a condo where my tile is cracking. Had people in to look at it and they said it's the slab. Does the condo association pay to fix the slab and replace the tile?

    Can we use surplus decking material to replace clapboards?

    A contractor informed me that the association is using surplus decking material to replace clapboarding and casements, as opposed to replacing like-for-like. The look of a building's side certainly is different when clapboarding and decking are mixed. I know that decking material is prepped differently than clapboarding. Are there any valid reasons for doing away with this practice?

    How often should HOA paint buildings?

    We are a New England-based Association with 112 units. There are four units to a building; two interior, two exterior. Our siding is wood clapboarding. I have two questions: Our Association is on a seven year paint cycle. Once every seven years all buildings on a particular street are painted. The Association is started to push the cycle out even further. Between cycles, our buildings are not cleaned, they are not power washed. Contractors have begun to question our paint cycle -- stating that the seven year cycle is too long, given the materials and the New England weather. Any advice as to what other communities do; or opinions about our current exterior maintenance schedule? I'm highly concerned because I see us pushing it out, not bringing it in.  


    Is condo association responsible for sewer line replacement?

    Is the condo association responsible for sewer line replacement that runs through the basement in units?

    Condo association wants to improve lanai entrances

    I am on the Board of a small Condo Association in Florida. Our association has tried to improve the appearance of our lanai entrances.  For years people on the first floor have recognized the need for some kind of stones or blocks outside the exits. None were uniform in design or style. The board came up with a paver stone design that would enhance and improve appearance and function of all the first floor condo lanai exits.


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