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I can't get condo owners to pitch in for window replacements

We are of self-managed condo association and two of the window in the common area entryway are cracked.  I want to assess the owners for their share to get the windows replaced but they don't want to spend the money to fix them.  Can I force them to do it?

How to get a Radon detector installed?

We are currently a five home HOA with two vacant lots that are for sale in Michigan. Some of the homeowners (me included) have completed testing for Radon and have above EPA standard levels (mine was twice the standard). I've sought out a contractor to install a mitigation system and submitted a request to the BOD's March 22, 2018. The President has to (by direction of the developer) submit this to the developer for final approval. Currently, he is on vacation and said he would check his emails when he had a chance. As of this date, I've heard nothing about this! How long does one have to wait for the developer to respond before one can proceed with having this system installed.
This developer is a VERY hard person to deal with and threatens anyone that doesn't abide by the bylaws. I got caught up in a situation a while ago and he's threaten me with litigation but so far he's only blown smoke! Taking everyones best interest into consideration, I've not taken any aggressive action to go against the grain and have this system installed. But as a developer, he's not doing his "due diligence" in preforming his "fiduciary duties". Is there anything we as homeowners can do to get around this despicable person? If so, what steps should we be taking. Thank you in advance for any and all advice that might be shared with us.
I should add that the reason the developer is against any exterior modifications to the houses. That is why he got upset last year with me when I had brick pavers installed on each side of the driveway to make it more compatible for my wife to get in an out of our car in the winter time after suffering a stroke earlier in the year and still not quite stable when walking. Our young great grand daughter lives with us and I don't want to see any long term affects from Radon bothering her due to the cancer risk that comes from the exposure to this dangerous gas.

Is garage door considered common property?

I live in a condo in Illinois that is governed under the condo act. The cement apron under my garage door has buckled to the point that the door gaps almost 3" at one end. My association says that repair is my responsibility since the use is confined to one owner. My question: Why wouldn't this be considered a building foundation issue? There is also cracking in areas of the garage floor.

Homeowners doesn't like HOA paint color choices

We recently submitted two color choices for homeowners to pick from in our annual meeting. A color was chosen and we even sprayed a sample 6 months ago so that homeowners would have an idea as to how it was going to look. No one said anything and now that we are in the process of painting, we have a homeowner who is stirring up all sorts of problems and even started a petition to stop the painting. Does she have any legal stand on this? She claims the board can’t paint a color she doesn’t like. Remember we consulted a paint specialist, we presented color choice, disbursed information, and voted at annual meeting.

Does owner owe association for fire damage?

This is a tenant/landlord/Condo Association liability issue. 
I am the landlord of a condominium. My tenant was negligent, and as a result there was a fire. My unit was a total loss, several other units sustained water/smoke damage. The condo Association Master Insurance policy covers the rehab of my unit. The condo Association is giving me a bill for 10k, which is their deductible. My insurance company says I did not carry the proper liability insurance for them to cover that claim. My question is; Am I the landlord responsible for my tenants negligence, therefore responsible to pay the Association the 10k ?

Who's responsible for electrical box replacement in condo building?

I have an electrical box situated on the outside wall of my townhouse that is old and out dated.  It needs replacing, do I have to pay or is it the homeowner’s association responsibility?

Who is responsible for drywall unit repair?

I had a flood years ago from a common area pipe that is in a stack of units common area. It was fixed and I need to replace the drywall. In the same closet with A/C the drywall was not finished it is not sealed is it my responsibility or the associations ?

Rogue condo owner and his construction project

What is correct procedure to assess an uncooperative individual unit owner for costs to repair damage to the common elements caused by unapproved alterations without permits by that owner. It has been a long ongoing project to find the source of water penetration into concrete roof deck. We are on the third and hopefully final source. The owner is replacing sliding doors' with penetration leaks. The board
has not assessed the unit owner yet in order to get work done without further confrontations. We have had to notify the owner when workers are present there will be a camera present also. The Board has legal costs and extra labor expense when the owner confronted workers who were instructed to leave if confronted by the owner. The Board just wants to stop the leaks and then total the costs and then assess the owner responsible for the damage after the unit doors are replaced.
There is some concern the owner may retaliate and damage the roof deck waterproof product. Can the Board decide to not assess the owner?

Horrible repair issues with condo complex

We have a 3 story condominium complex we assist in managing, in Michigan. Recently, a home owner has been out of state, to assist family. The last time the unit was occupied was in the summer. The thermostat was turned off, and the unit froze the plumbing in the ceiling of the unit without heat, damaging 4 other units. We have a master insurance policy, and each home owner has condo insurance. We had several problems in the last week. Trying to sort this mess out. The condo association pays for preventive maintenance to walk around the exterior and check all units and notify Management of units without gas or electric. The association attempts to prevent flood as much as possible. The association can turn on utilities in the name of the association and back bill unit owners / banking lenders in cases of foreclosure. To maintain heat and prevent floods. Our bylaws allow entry of any unit in the event of emergencies to prevent damage to another unit of access to common areas, ie: between floors for access to plumbing and electrical etc. The association normally covers plumbing up to the shut off of the appliance. 1) Who is responsible for the repair of the plumbing system for a frozen pipe in a common element (between floor joist of 3rd floor and ceiling of second floor) where a unit owner failed to maintain heat. Is the co owner liable for damages to the other units for failing to maintain heat? The unit owner (by phone) refused to allow maintenance to enter the unit, to access the situation and board members had to arrive to to convince a family member who had a key to allow maintenance into the unit. In the future, if we are having an issue should we authorize maintenance to enter by any means possible if we cant get co operation and the unit owner is not home? ie: Kick the door in, break out a window. and afterwards re secure the unit. Do we automatically contact a water mitigation contractor and allow them access to extract water and start clean up of flooded units? The association or its agent has the right of entry, maintenance is the agent who was called to address the situation. Our maintenance man is great he has saved our association $240,000 in 2 years. The unit owners representative left the condo before mitigation contractor arrived on scene. The unit below was still dripping water because the unit above refused to allow contractor in to clean up water, do we force our way in because the homeowner is "maintaining a nuisance" which is preventing the co owner reasonable use and enjoyment of his property below? How can we prevent this from happening again? Additionally, the units have fire suppression system in them and the association maintains that as well. What about a unit that is in foreclosure and the owner has abandoned the unit and the bank has not taken possession? What is the right thing to do?

Noise in condo association from renovations

Unit attached to mine has been doing a complete renovation for over 6 months now. It is everyday even on weekends. Sometimes Sundays.  There has been construction nuisances, such as, noise, cars, trucks, dumpsters being parked on both sides of the street. Sometimes making it very difficult to get to my driveway. I have contacted the board, while they have sympathy for me, they say nothing can be done because we have no rules regarding length of time of construction. There is a rule that no homeowner has the right to interfere with another's right to quiet enjoyment of their property. Since it has been 6 months everyday, do you think this rule should apply. Thank you in advance for input.

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