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Condo association needs to pay repair costs for sinking foundation

I live in a townhouse/condo in St. Louis County, Missouri that has recently had a foundation sinking issue. The foundation was repaired by the Condo Association since it's a structural common element. However, in order to repair the foundation, the contractor hired by the Association to do the repair has destroyed the carpet/flooring and has cut into sections of drywall in the adjacent interior walls. This was required to access the foundation in order to repair it, but the Association is declining to cover the cost of getting the space back to original state. Now, I am not asking the Association to repair the interior cracks or any other issues with my unit that resulted from the sinking foundation. I'm only requesting that they cover the damage to my unit resulting directly from the foundation repair work. I have contacted my condo-owners insurance and they have told me that they do not cover this type of repair (as expected). The Condo Association declarations are very vague and do not explicitly state who is responsible for damage caused to the unit in the course of repairing common elements of the structure. Can anyone on this forum shed some light and point me in the right direction with regards to this situation? Thank you in advance.

HOA takes our money but no improvements seen

Our dues increase every year for maintenance and replacement of roofs, siding, painting and streets and drainage,but none of these things are done.  Who do I contact to complain?

Who pays for termite removal and repair?

I live in a condo recently I tried to sell it. We found termites in the trestle. An the buyers don't want the unit now...who pays for the repair the owner or the association?

Water damage from Hurricane Irma.  Is association responsible?

I had water leaks coming in from the exterior of my windows into my condo due to hurricane Irma. Who is responsible for the repairs, HOA or me?

Water heater leaked.  Who pays for water damage in condo?

Who is responsible for water damage on interior condo if water heater leaks from upper condo to lower condo that causes minor damage? Does each condo owner responsible for their own expenses through their homeowners insurance policy?

Who Pays for Condo Damage From Events Like Hurricanes And Tornadoes?

My Condo's Articles, Bylaws and Rules and Regulations state that outside windows, sliders and doors are considered to be part of units and therefore unit owners are responsible for their repair and replacement. Probably your Condo's documentation says the same, and it will be claimed by your Boards that unit owners are responsible for paying for damage caused by hurricanes and tornadoes or other outside less-likely events.

Condo board wants me to pay for new windows

Today my condo board provided a notice of violation to me. The violation indicates that my windows open outwards and this is not allowed.  The previous owner has gotten the windows replaced without applying for a variance.  What can I do? I certainly do not have the financial resources to change the windows.

Condo building drain can cause water hazard in the winter

Our condo drain spout drains roof water directly onto the driveway leading directly to our garage door. This is a within the area getting into and out of our car or for guest to embark. The water pools and freezes. It is such a safety hazard just inviting falls on the ice. Checked with the county and city and they said they do not look at safety issues when building permits are issued regarding water downspout disbursement. Only require builder to install so water is dispersed 3 feet away from foundation. Who is responsible for the safety issue on the condo. I feel it is the association since they know that it is a common issue for many of the same condo floor plan. Does anyone have the same issue and how to solve.

Noise and sound dampening requirements for floors in condo associations

I recently bought a condo with HOA rules that state that if you rip up the carpet, you have to replace it with something of equal sound-damping quality. After moving in I discovered that my upstairs neighbors are the loudest walkers in existence. I don't want to complain to management without talking to my neighbors first but I did ask the MC is they could tell me how they manage condo renovations to make sure that they are compliant with the HOA. I was told that you bring them a form letting them know you are doing something, then they make sure it is compliant. She said that in her experience, illegal flooring does happen. I looked up the property records and the same people have owned the condo since the 1990s. I have no clue when the flooring was installed but thankfully no unknown secondary buyer is involved to complicate the issue (though I think the people upstairs might be renters). What exactly do I do? The person I bought the condo from installed a floating wood floor to be compliant. If no one has complained before, will the upstairs people get to keep their loud flooring just because they never got caught?

Why is our condo board re-painting all our buildings?

I live and own a condominium in Georgia. Georgia State law says the the board meeting minutes must be in detail. 

So here is the question. Our board of directors have decided to have all of our buildings repainted. They were painted with a lifetime paint about 7 years ago and most owners don't think they need to be repainted. This will be at a great expense paid from our reserves. 


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