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Condo association split over $2M assessment

I live in Miami Beach FL. in an 84 unit condominium. We are going through difficulties with a new board of directors [5] They approved an assessment for $2 million dollars violating the bylaws. 50 of the owners decided not to pay and the board wants to place a lien on the non paying units. I had been told that liens can not be place on assessments only in maintenance. Place advice

New owner surprised by HOA assessment

Is it legal to impose prior owners, "special assessment bill" to new ownership? HOA applied my HOA assessment to a Special Assessment, I knew nothing about. How can I get my funds return?

Can condo association selectively assess units?

We are a 20-year old condo association of 64 units in 16 4-unit buildings. Each unit has a flat roof over a veranda that everyone has enclosed. The flat roofs were a developer’s bad design and we have been dealing with leaks ever since. The current board has finally figured out that the unsolvable leaks have been occurring in the 2-bedroom units because of the design differences in the peaked roof meeting up with the flat roof and the absence of a gutter that might have helped and a ½ moon window over the flat roof that makes it difficult to flash properly.

The Ohio condo association was set up with the 28 2-bedroom units and 36 3-bedroom units paying monthly dues based on “par value adjustment.” Currently, the 3-bedroom units pay approximately 13% more than the 2-bedroom units.

Legal had advised us that the association is responsible for maintenance of the flat roofs. With the flat roof problem being identified only to the 2-bedroom units and the remedy (other than continual patching) is estimated at $3,000 each (x28 units = $84,000), can we assess only the 2-bedroom units? Any thoughts? This doesn’t seem to be addressed in our docs.

Reserve fund used up, special assessment idea spurned

I am on the VP on the Board at our HOA in Texas.


Avoid paying assessment due to statute of limitations?

If someone was assessed by their HOA for unit improvements/repairs back in 2008, and for some reason fell under the radar and the HOA never put in a claim or filed a lien, can the unit owner have this assessment waived due to the 5yr statute of limitations?


Required number of bids to increase assessment

In Florida, to levy a condo special assessment, how many bids are necessary, if the expected special assessment is over 55% of the regular budget?

Misappropriation of special assessment funds for a portico

The unit owners in our condominium voted by 2/3rds to approve a special assessment for bulding a portico over the front entrance.


Are competitive bids required by law in IN?

Are HOAs in Indiana required to seek competitive bids for larger projects on common areas?


Right to see breakdown of special assessment costs

If work is done in a building that requires a special assessment, are the owners entitled to see a breakdown of "all" costs?


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