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Condo dryer venting problem

My condo association has made weak attempts to fix a dryer vent/ducting problem in my condo unit and, as a result, the problem has not been fixed over a 5 month period.


Law Reporter: Unapproved Construction Leads to Foreclosure

The most recent edition of the Law Reporter from CAI, a CT court finds that unapproved condo deck construction leads to foreclosure


HOA does not approve owner's new triple pane low E glass windows

I live in a small condo community (64 units) and I have one broken window, glass and two other windows with leaking seals and with the fogging in between glass. I ordered the windows and placed half the funds down. These are the triple pane with low E glass. They will have a slight, very slight tint being low E. I presented it to the HOA committee and they never got back with me. A few weeks later I stopped by the president of the committee and asked her about my question on the glass. She said one of the committee members brought samples of dark green glass, and she absolutely said I cannot have these windows. I am not sure what the committee saw that day and I went back to the window manufacturer and they said these are hardly green at all and they have never had issues with condos. Well anyway I have this on hold until I know I can have these installed. Or I just finish paying for them and not have them installed at all? Our general rules and CC&Rs say nothing on glass tint, just that they have to be white frames to the outside.  Utah.

When should associations get reserve studies?

Is it required for a Utah Condo Association or just a suggested to get a reserve study? We had a reserve study done about 7-8 years.  Since then, we have done vinyl fences, new siding, and we have about $10,000 in savings and put in $10K every year, which offsets additional costs.   Are we just fine?

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