Association Demand Letter

Get taken seriously.  Put delinquent owners on notice and inform them of the Association's right and willingness to take legal action.

Send an official 30-Day Notice of Demand for your Condo Association or HOA.  This is the most impactful, yet cost-effective way to make delinquent owners pay. 

  • Delinquent member notified of outstanding balance and Association's right to take legal action in 30 days in the form of a lien.
  • Letter also notifies delinquent owner that the association is considering a 3rd party collection option.
  • Notification strongly recommends delinquent member directly rectifies outstanding debt with association prior to end of 30 day window.

Download a sample HOA demand letter

Don't Let Bad Apples Ruin It For Everyone


Set the tone with delinquent association owners.