Condo Association Insurance - Fidelity Bonding

stephen polinsky on Jan 30, 2009 8:14:00 AM


Fidelity bonding: Sometimes called "crime coverage," "employee dishonesty coverage," or "fidelity bonding," this type of insurance is basically designed to protect against theft or embezzlement by employees, directors, management personnel, or others who might have access to association funds. It is important to understand that a property management company having its own fidelity bond may not be sufficient to protect an individual condo association. For condominium associations , there is a statutory requirement that the minimum amount of the fidelity bond be equal to the maximum amount of money that could be stolen (i.e., the maximum amount of money on deposit in all association accounts at any given time). Since this is a fluctuating number, the condo association should make certain that adequate coverage is in place, particularly in situations where large amounts of money may be at hand due to a special assessment. Although the law sets the minimum amount of coverage required, I think it is a good idea for the condo documents to contain a specific obligation for fidelity bonding, so that the layman board member who may not read the law will know from reading his or her condo documents that the bond is required.


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