Why Community Associations Make Sense for 55+ Living


In 2012, there were over 323,000 HOA or Condo Associations in the United States housing around 63 million Americans. Out of those millions, 64% consider their experience positive. If you haven’t already experienced community association living, then you might not know all of the perks. Here are five great reasons community associations make complete sense for 55+ living.


1. They are low maintenance

Depending on the Condo Association or HOA community, services such as snow removal, lawn care, and trash removal are included amenities. You can even find associations that will maintain your home. If your intention is to minimize maintenance in finding the right community for you, make sure these are included so you never have to worry about them.


2. Association management works for the community interest

Is the neighbor’s pesky dog keeping you awake at night? That’s covered. Partiers living next door? That’s covered. A dangerous tree falling into your yard? That’s covered. You never have to worry about these sorts of confrontations any longer. Association management typically covers these and other similar situations.

So, let management do the work you don’t want to do – and besides, according to the Community Association Institute, disputes are few in number due to 70% of residents being happy with community rules.


3. They have a great sense of community

People who move into community associations want a strong community focus. So you can rest assured that everyone there has the same goal of creating a lasting community. Residents advocate for the preservation of nature and character of their communities. Expect community events for building togetherness and a wholesome bond, which leads us to our next point.


4. There are plenty of activities

If you have some time on your hands or you prioritize recreational activities, many associations offer them. Some common offerings include tennis courts, community centers, community gardens, or walking trails. A great benefit of living in a community association means you’ll never be bored – if you don’t want to be.


5. The residential areas are aesthetically pleasing

If you want to live in an area that’s required to look well-kept and clean, then community associations are the way to go. Residents and management are required to maintain homes to a certain quality. You’ll never find run down homes, barns, cars, or other structures in association living.

There’s a reason why 24% of communities in the US are associations – they work for individual or family needs. You simply have to find the one that best fits you. To look for a community association in your area, you can visit an online HOA locator.


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