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Financial stability can make or break any business. In a condo association, there’s even more at stake: the success of your community, and the safety of your homeowners. But many communities face long-term deferred maintenance pitfalls when it comes to budgeting. After enough years of ignoring growing problems, not even special assessments can counteract the neglect and danger threatening the community. 

When increasing cash flow is no longer a strong enough solution, it’s time to consider new alternatives. Community association loans are an often-unexplored option for many communities struggling to stretch their every dollar. Loans can be used for:

  • Capital repairs
  • Capital improvements

Submit this form today to inquire about your community’s loan options.

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For condo association residents, owners, and board members, building lasting connections with industry professionals and experts is incredibly important. But that's hard to do while also juggling the day-to-day frustrations that come from communal living spaces.

CondoAssociation is dedicated to facilitating  those CONNECTIONS. We connect condo residents, owners, and board members seeking knowledge and insight for their communities with industry experts and thought leaders. Our platform provides an open dialog to help the condo association community find the answers they are looking for, and connect them to the right solutions for their condo association. is eager to match industry professionals to communities in need. With over 25,000 site visitors per month, there are a lot of board members and condo residents looking for assistance–can your products or services make a difference? Complete the form to have our partnership team reach out to learn more about what your company can do for our online community.

Our Audience

Board Members

Members of the board of trustees for the condo association. Typically also unit owners themselves.

Board members come looking for solutions to problems the association is facing, which may include legal issues or simply solidarity in how other association boards have resolved similar issues.

Board members are interested in services that solve a problem the community is facing.

Condo Owners

Owners of a condo, whether they live in it or are renting it out.

Condo owners are typically seeking answers on topics like rights and responsibilities, tenant management, and solutions to problems.

Condo owners are interested in services to improve their unit.

Condo Residents

Residents living in a condo unit often rented from the owner.

Condo residents typically come seeking answers to questions about condo living, their rights and responsibilities. 

Condo Residents are interested in services to maintain and improve their condo living experience.

Community Managers

The professional managers who deal with condo association problems on a daily basis. These are the ones keeping the lights on for the condo associations they manage.

Community managers come to share their expertise and weigh in on topics that are of import to them.

Anything that can make a community manager's life easier and help improve their community is of interest to them.

Management Companies

Management company executives and employees. These are the titans of the industry, with experience in the trenches and an eye for the bigger picture.

Management companies often come to share their insight and experience as well as find answers to questions they may not have run accross before.

Management companies seek vendors that can provide services on behalf of their condo association clients.

Service Providers

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