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By CondoAssociation.com • March 23, 2015

Massachusetts condo association has some garbage problems

We live in a small over 55 condo community consisting of 58 homes in Massachusetts. The association had paid the town for our rubbish bags and recycle boxes were free. Two years ago the town raised the price of the bags from $2.50 to $3 per bag and recycle barrels would cost of $75 per year. ($6.50 per month) You do not have to recycle. Everything can be put into the $3 bags.

The Owner/Manager was going to be in charge of the garbage and collect it himself. He would not charge anymore than his $50.00 per house per month fee. We were told this was to save money and later to avoid protest they said they would have to raise the condo fee if we did not have the garbage here. Not too much community support since they do not have to view the garbage daily as we do. The nearest home is 100 feet from the two dumpsters. There is no space to put up any barriers other than a gate that you can see through. The road the garbage trucks use is 18 from their side door. One garbage truck for each dumpster and Tuesday mornings, we all have to endure the sight and sound of the garbage being dumped here.

We find this intolerable and although I have protested for the entire time, they are now not going to entertain any further discussion of this matter. They hired a lawyer to come to a meeting to tell me that “the Committee can do anything that they want”. The garbage dumpsters will be very evident to anyone wishing to purchase our homes. I do not feel that our group of 5 houses in the area should be responsible for the financial health of the Community.

Not part of the question but just an added bit... When we purchased our lot, the road at the other end of the street was closed off and not paved. The leaching field was there and we assumed the entire operation would be there. We learned a year later, when we saw sewer trucks lined up outside our home, that the sewer entrance was 40 feet from the house at the end of the road now next to the garbage. We were not told that this was a planned maintenance area. What do you do when you are 70 and can’t think of moving again? We stayed and made peace with the situation but adding the garbage to this is too much. We blame ourselves for lack of due diligence but it never occurred to us that you would sell a home and charge a condo fee and end up next to the sewer. Our Owner/Manager has the snow removal contract. We are the gift that never stops giving.  Is there any help for us to be rid of the garbage?

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