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Advisory committee is trying to run the HOA in Florida


florida-state-sealThis is with regard to an HOA in Florida, under ss 720, that is still under construction and about 65% completed.

A new law passed in Florida whereby an en election takes place and a homeowner gets be elected to the HOA Board. The developer in the past has appointed an Advisory Committee, saying these people represent the homeowners and the homeowners do not have a say as to who is on this Advisory Committee.

This Advisory Committee is acting as they are the HOA Board. They give direction to the management company. They are controlling the election process. I believe it should be the management company controlling the whole election process.

There are seven people on this committee, and two of them are running for the board. In the guidelines for this Advisory Committee, it states they should adhere to Florida Statute 720. Something doesn't sound right here, does anyone agree with me on this?

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