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Board president arbritrarily nixes satellite dish on patio - Narragansett, RI


satellite-poleI am on my condo Board. We also have a management company.  I asked the management if I could have a satellite dish (20" diameter and mounted on pole on my patio).  They gave me an architectural change request form but then told me the president of my association said no.  The request wasn't even brought before the Board at a meeting; it was simply denied by the president of our board.

This whole situation seems very wrong to me. First, since we have no policy or stipulations in our rules and regulations, I believe the request should have at least gone before the board.  Second, I believe we should have an architectural committee to whom such requests should be presented.

For one person to make such decisions seems dictatorial to me. Also, I had previously requested that I  could on occasion put up a screened canopy on my patio so that my blind mother could sit outside.  That also was denied and by whom, I have no clue. (I wasn't on the board then)

Can a president, on his own,  decide what can and cannot be done by homeowners?  This president is driving me crazy.

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