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Can condo managers get involved in association board elections?


Although Florida has lengthy State Condo rules and regulations, many are subject to ambiguity and decisions are varied by many attorneys. Here is a question. There is a small divisive group here that is attempting to turn a well run Resident management and
 excellent Board condo into chaos. The building has an excellent reputation but about 20% of absentee owners are getting divisive emails from a very small handful of people who want to control the building in the name of power. One of these was on the Board years ago, but was voted off as Officer after a few months due to total chaos. But when new owners are here they do not know the history and are not here on a daily basis. The building - as said - has a great reputation, but this group's main quest is to get on the Board and fulfill their PERSONAL AGENDAS which will take a toll in special assessments. Very political, unfortunately. QUESTION - when asked by owners, can the resident managers give their opinion of candidates for the Board or must they be silent in their opinions. The problem is many ABSENTEE OWNERS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON AND can very well believe a few owners who send out emails constantly on Another problem is the majority of owners never even ask the Managers on updates on projects etc. Apathy is big everywhere, but can be ultimately damaging. Is their a fine for managers in Florida giving their opinion if asked?  Port Orange, FL


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