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By CondoAssociation.com • July 9, 2018

Can HOA board increase cable & internet costs?

Can board add to our already high cable tv bill internet service without a vote of the ownership

We live in a 55+ retirement community HOA. Several years ago our board, instead of sending younger more technology driven owners to negotiate a cable contract, sent three 70-80 year old women to do our bidding, all board members. They hooked us into a 7 year cable contract with guaranteed 5% a year increase in cost. The contract finally runs out in November 2019, our board this last month, specifically the VP who has been on 12 of the last 15 years, is now head of the committee (one man) has stated he was looking into adding internet service in with the new contract. He personally already has internet and his home phone with the cable company already, at additional charge to him only.

Would it not take a vote of the owners to allow this move, especially being that some of the owners who are in their 80's do not even have a computer nor know how to use this.

I personally feel this is board is over stepping it's overall authority to add amenities that some will not use but still have to pay for because one man wants things his way

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