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By CondoAssociation.com • June 1, 2018

Can I crowd-fund HOA litigation?

On 1/31/2014 I submitted a story to your blog, of corruption at our HOA in Napa, CA. Since writing that, I lost my home to the conspirators because I took, naively (?) my evidence to the DA, Sheriff and Supervisors. They turned against me, and participated in fraudulently taking my condo - to drive me from the HOA: filed an unlawful lien, then fraudulent foreclosure and trustee sale. When I refused to abandon my home of 31 years, they falsely charged - framed and railroaded me on the criminal charge that I threatened to shoot a sheriff. I spent 10 weeks jailed, released because I took a plea on lesser, also fabricated. When released I discovered every asset I had was "dispersed" or sold before I was release. I've spent the past 2 years recovering and pursuing other avenues to expose this fraud. 

Two days ago I was advised to raise money through CrowdJustice.com and wrote a prospectus to get funds to hire a lawyer. I gave them the big picture with details of County involvement and this morning received notice my "cause" doesn't fit their profile. So I write to ask if you have experience with, or know of, successful experiences in crowdfunding HOA litigation? 

You have information or know of one who has successfully raised money via crowdfunding operations for use in litigating HOA fraud? And, if I get such a funding campaign off the ground, would you allow me to post something on your blog? 

My story has since evolved into a potential, major crisis for the County, as the Grand Jury recently filed indictments against the same Recorder who filed the fraudulent CC&Rs I wrote of in the 1/31/2014 writing. I have reason to hope my HOA takeover case is included in the indictments. 

Timing is crucial right now. The presiding judge over the 2017-2018 GJ investigation has, since receiving my documents on 4/1/2018, has suspended opening the indictments against the Recorder indefinitely - bcause. I am quite sure it is due to papers I recently filed with the GJ foreman and the CA Atty. Gen. 

All is to say that my 7-year effort may soon see daylight and I'd like to make my work available to your group and your members. For reference, my case is very similar to the "Leon Benzer" case in Las Vegas, NV broke up in 2011 by FBI and USDOJ. 

Thank you for any support and advice. 

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