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Condo association neglects mold damage


My 81 year old mother has mold has mold in her condo. It has been there for three years and progressively getting worse. We had to move her out of the condo that she owns an has been living in for 27 years. She has COPD and the COPD has been exacerbated the mold. She brought this to the associations attention three years ago at which time they sent someone out and he said "that's no big deal, call me when it turns black". They did finally send a mold inspector out and he discovered that the mold was in a crawl space that was behind her wall in her bedroom. He also inspected twelve other buildings and found mold in all the crawl spaces - He has stated that the only remedy is for the association to put in a fan in each crawl space. We are at a loss as to what to do. They are denying to do anything stating that the "the issues reported have nothing to do with the common elements of the Condo and relate specifically to the unit". We do not agree as the origination of the mold is not inside the condo but rather in the crawl space behind the drywall. I'm trying to get an idea where we go from here. We cannot repair the damage in the condo and try and sell because we are aware of the mold issue. How can we repair the damages if the mold issue isn't taken care of - it has to be remediated and a fan put in before we tear down drywall and make the needed repairs. In desperate need to some direction.....our poor mother has lost her home. We are thinking about going to local newspapers and television station and having them investigate....  Fairfield PA

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