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Condo association treasurer is AWOL with check book!


Two months ago, our treasurer was voted off the board. This individual has been inactive and negligent in his duties.  He seemed to take it well and pledged to work with the new treasurer.  

However, when the new treasurer or other board members try to get the books from him and the have the accounts signed over, he either is too busy or schedules a time and place to meet, but doesn't show up. He won't answer his door when he's home or he leaves town for days on end.

Through a series of missteps from two other Board members who were voted off at the same time, he is the only signatory on all the bank accounts. We talked to the property manager and they said the accounting manager would advise us, but they have yet to do so. Our lawyers said they'd send a nice letter, but this guy but he'll probably ignore it. Does anyone have suggestions on other options?

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