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Condo mold causes $70K repair bill for association


A unit was empty due to covid and the owner did not return until this past June. There was a leak that caused mold to grow, the heat had also been left on. There was no damage to other units or to common areas. We received notice that the association has to pay the $70k in repairs (no mold repair in the association policy, so there is no deductible being charged to the owner). For the next 3 months our condo fee is being increased and it just doesn’t make sense that we are responsible for the damage repair. How do we find out why our attorney and management company said the association must pay? There is no info as to whether it is now owned by a bank due to foreclosure or if the owner passed away. Our association does a lot of bad decisions without co silting owners, for example; closing the pool during the week because the pool company we use has a shortage of lifeguards (get a different company), cancel all repair work orders because of budget, which had been approved in 2020 for 2021. And a member of the board is employed by the management company and we aren’t able to request a new company because “they save us money”. 

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