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By CondoAssociation.com • December 20, 2017

Condo owner writes negative letter about neighbor

The management company of my community distributed a letter sent by my neighbor to the board. My husband is vice president of the board. My neighbor's (2) dogs got loose, and were jumping all over my grandchildren who had Mac Donald's in their hands. The (2) dogs almost got into my condo. My littlest grandson is (3). My daughter, and I yelled out to the dogs to stop them. We did not say anything inappropriate. I did not speak with my neighbor at all about the incident. After the incident, my neighbor wrote a letter to the board complaining about my behavior during the incident. She attacked my character saying some very nasty things. I am in Real Estate Professional and my reputation is important to me. I feel the management company should have not forwarded this letter to the board. It was embarrassing for me, as well as, husband who is Vice President. I feel my neighbor sent out the letter as a defense mechanism because the dogs caused a problem. I had spoken to my neighbor before about the dogs barking when they are not home. They used the incident to intimidate me from complaining to the board. I feel the email should have not been distributed to all the board members since it was personal in nature.

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