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Condo Owners Renting Unit Short Term Via Online Rental Sites


I live in a 16-unit California condo located in a tourist town near the ocean. The CC&Rs restrict rentals to one-year leases.

In the past month, two units have been rented weekly through vacation rental organizations.The owners have been warned by the board and the management company that short-term rentals are not permitted, but the rentals are continuing.

Because we are a small condo the burden falls on the board president to discover that the rentals are taking place. She has approached tenants at the pool but doesn't want to give innocent tenants a hard time. The owners are not responding to letters from the board or management company and are apparently continuing to advertise for vacation rentals.

We only know the units are being rented out when we see strangers using the facilities. The owners have been lying as to how the units are rented on a short term basis but we have found their ads on vacation rental websites. 

What should our next steps be?

-LL in CA

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