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Condo president not protecting best owners' interests 


This my second post… first post was about who is responsible for the plumbing repair. The association is responsible, but there is no money, so I offered to pay half of $3125 with monthly reimbursement payments of $150. Hopefully, the plumbing repair will be done soon. NOW!!! there is a new issue… mind you there are only 8 units with owners that are not proactive, and only two board members along with the management co. and it has been like this for 7-years. I being a newcomer have been asking to many question, want to be on the board and I refuse to be bullied by them. Thus far, I've been threaten and insulted by the President for asking about a vacation rental that is being operated by the other board member, and it's not allowed. And now, I learned the president is selling his condo and is not informing the owners that he is leaving to leave the place in chaos and no management company. The few of the owners I have talked with are intimidated by the president and the management co. who is not protecting the association interest. What can be done legally? And can a board member sale is condo without a smooth board transition and leave the place in chaos? After today, I am worried that my first issue... the plumbing repair job out of spite may not be fixed. Goodness, this can’t be legal. What can we do as owners?

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