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By CondoAssociation.com • September 7, 2015

Connecticut owners having problems getting HOA ok for pest control

I've been living at this private condo complex for 36 yrs. We, the owners, comprise the association vs. an outside management firm. Just this week I suddenly noticed a huge hornet nest in the tree outside my condo that is hanging over my neighbor's and my sidewalk, which has constant community walking by. From the internet research I've been doing, it appears to be a baldfaced hornets one . .the size of a football . .very well camouflaged underneath a heavily leaved branch. I have severe asthma and allergies, and the pesticides that the Association now has a contract with (TruGreen) exacerbates my asthma instantly without my even seeing the little tags that they stake on the lawns when they come, so the idea of getting someone to spray this thing is ultra-concerning to me, but so does getting stung by these potentially violent creatures if they should get angry/upset!

Both of my neighbors are on the Board of Directors, and one of them is newly retired, so I pointed it out to him. Our current association president is extremely insensitive to anyone's requests, especially mine, so I asked my neighbor to approach her about calling a pest control co to have them exterminate this horrid nest asap! We ALL pay our condo fee every month, and I believe that if the landscapers trim the branches on this tree for us, mow our lawn/weed-wack the edges, and shovel the same sidewalks that lie underneath this branch on this tree, the condo should be responsible for this as well? Her answer to him was, "You're on your own with that one!" Is this acceptable when I'm paying our condo fee for maintenance? My other concern is the liability on this issue if someone gets stung badly by them. We all need to carry homeowners insurance, in addition to the blanket policy that the Assn pays for our complex. What would happen there as well if that did happen or God forbid, someone winds up with anaphylaxis and dies from an attack by these things?

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