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Delinquent HOA owner owes $30K


I have owned a condo in a 74 unit community for 3 years joining the board 1 year ago. The property is approx 40 years old and has always been self-manged by a volunteer board. Unfortunately, it has been mismanaged for many years and there are to many issues to address in one post. The biggest issue I am having a very hard time with one owner that has not paid her hoa fees to the tune of $30k. The bank has been going to foreclose on her numerous times but she somehow gives them enough to stay. But, never pays any hoa. Our attorney tells us we can’t get anything from her. I can’t rap my head around the fact she is allowed to do such a thing and our past board and attorney have let this happen. Every time I question this situation I get no good answer. Has anyone heard of such a situation and how do we handle it?  Thank you.

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