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Did our condo board vote properly?


Please explain on the following Special Meeting called by BOD to achieve the required 2/3 Shareholders Approval Vote to allow Board of Directors to make changes to Governing rules as documented,

There was a scheduled meeting to be held on 1/29/2018 at the Association’s club house.  There were only 10 shareholders present at the meeting: Being that there are only 2 or 3 shareholders that attend lard of Directors meetings that consist of two per year; our Vice President went door to door to achieve the required 2/3 approval vote from shareholders+

I do not believe the proper quorum was achieved+. I do not know the accurate number of Shareholders residing in the community as our management company refuses to respond to this many asked requesting. How can shareholders know IF 2/3 shareholders votes were received IF shareholders do not know what the 2/3 shareholders number is?

Does there have to be a certain number of shareholders PRESENT at the actual Special Meeting held? If the majority of votes received were received by proxy, is this considered a legal and appropriate accounting for a vote?

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