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Do your due diligence on the association before you buy the condo!


More of a complaint than a question.

We have had a few units change hands in the past few years, and in NONE of the transactions have the new buyers or their realtors bothered to ask about the complex, the HOA, how things are run, etc. Of course, they ask about the monthly dues and check out the premises, but nothing else.

We are a small 8-unit complex and self-manage. People may want to know that, as well as learn more about our "culture" and how things here get done. It's not like a large development, run by a management company and operated a lot like an apartment complex. We ask people to pitch in, if they can, and understand we are all volunteers.

Everyone who reads this site regularly knows how important the management of the complex is to their individual condo owner experience. You think people would figure that out in advance.

So my advice to buyers and their realtors is ASK! Before you buy.  Los Angeles California

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