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By CondoAssociation.com • July 12, 2015

Does short ceiling space count towards home's square footage?

Do ceilings in a unit have to be a certain height to be considered "living space" towards the calculation of square footage when diving condo fee expenses. Example: Neighbor has identical unit as mine but has a loft in which he had the ceilings built lower and claims it is not living space due to the height of the ceiling. Is this true and if so what is the maximum height that would make that area exempt from the square footage calculation? Also, re: common area. From what I understand a driveway is considered common area. Our garages and parking are on ground level with the units stacked 2nd floor is mine and 3rd floor is his. His parking is on the right outside of the building and mine in the middle. I have 2 spots if the driveway outside my garage. He has The same 2 but during construction added 2 more to the side of the building in which he has claimed are for his unit only. I understand common areas don't usually come into play while calculating association fees but if we are paying the same fee is he able to have twice the amount of parking then me and pay the same fee? I should mention parking is a premium on our block. Also,,I have always let this good to try to be neighborly but he is the Association President and has done some "illegal" things and disrespect me and my wife so I no longer feel an obligation to be neighborly. I, also don't want to strong arm him by taking his parking but I feel he is cheating the association with his fee calculations.

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