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By CondoAssociation.com • November 12, 2017

Favoritism by HOA board members

Nothing but negative experiences with HOA Board. The Board decided to designate parking spaces. Besides the obvious favoritism, I asked how the spaces were assigned....is there a formula? Was it in accordance to unit placement? She had no answer for how spaces were allocated. Here's the thing, her and I have units no more than 5ft away from one another, yet her parking space is prime property, front row and closest to the entrance....but my space is not even close to my unit, opposite side of lot. It's unfair and obvious favoritism. What can I do? Also, isn't it a conflict of interest if she is the "janitorial" fee on fiscal budget, which is $7,000 per year for 2 hourrs per weekend every week to pick up trash with a grabber. Is this legal?

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