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By CondoAssociation.com • October 18, 2018

Getting a neighbor to remove bird feeder

We're having an issue our three-unit condo in Brookline, MA, where one owner continues to feed birds even though the seeds were dropping on the ground and attracting rats. We discovered that our condo docs actually forbid bird feeders and the other two owners pointed this out to her and asked her to remove her feeder.

She hasn't responded at all, and I doubt she will. So. . . is there any way to settle this without litigation? What should our next step be?

We were thinking of writing her and saying if she doesn't respond to us or take down the bird feeder within 14 days, we will have it removed and charge her for the removal. I, frankly, think if we hired someone to remove the feeder, she would call the police.

Do town offices get involved in enforcing condo rules? What are your thoughts about next steps?

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