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Helping community property rights in Scotland UK


Hi – I am the author of a website (www.underoneroof.scot) on the management of tenements in Scotland UK.
In Scotland, a tenement is any building divided into two or more parts horizontally and while flats ( apartments) are owned individually, the building’s structure is jointly owned by all the owners who need to co-operate on maintenance. Sadly, the legislation in this country is not doing enough to help tenement owners to maintain and manage their properties. While owners have, in theory, a legal “Duty to Maintain” , we don’t require buildings to have owners associations or to carry out regular property inspections or to establish reserve funds. Along with others, we’ve been pushing the Scottish Government to introduce new legislation which would make these things compulsory.
To help push the legislation along a bit, we are organizing a conference in September and we would like to include a speaker who can tell us how other countries organize the management of communal property.
Is this something that might be of interest to you? I’m envisaging that you participate by video link.
If you are interested, could we set up a skype call to talk about this?  

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