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HOAs and property managers don't mix


Property manager takes sides of a board member against owner in the same issue, which is charging electric car at storage unit electrical outlet. Here it begins  2 years ago we have the first electric car in our condo from a renters of unit #1, they were using the storage units outlet that belongs to the owners unit but the electricity comes from the common area that belongs to the owners (I imagine cause we are the ones that pay the HOA dues) I brought up that the renters were using the electricity that we were paying for, the board and the property manager told me that they will take a look at the electricity bill to see if it was a big rise on the bill. months pass by and here I went to ask one more time about the electrical rising bill, the answer to me was : It was not a big increase or a big difference of what was being paid so far, they took no measure against the renters or even a warning telling then that they were using a common area electricity and that an owner (ME) was concerning about the usage, I said at the HOA meeting okay if you guys have no problem against it I am also going to buy an electric car so I did last September 2015 and I also start to use MY UNIT storage outlet that the electricity belongs to our common area ( I assume) but remember I am an owner and the other people are renters....to make a long story short... I just received a letter from the property management with pictures of my car being charged from a cable connected to inside my storage unit (my garage is an open garage anyone could take a look anytime and the renters have a garage door where no one can see inside) the letter is saying to me stop charging my car "immediately" or I will be fined, the letter was sent only to me not ever to the renters or the the unit owner! The owner of the renters unit is on the HOA BOARD ! After i read the letter, I immediately request a special meeting with the board TO ASK how come this is a problem NOW and not then when I brought it up? ALSO asking that how come I receive that letter and the other owner did not? The funny part is: I was able to ask it straight to her and her answer was : I already did asked my renters to stop charging the car and they already did ( she never proved it that they really stop charging the car) and that I should shut off my unit outlet used to feed my electric car, after going nowhere with the special meeting i need to take actions to protected my self against this violation of my rights.... In a week is scheduled an inspection to verify any common electrical outlets that need to be closed off.... I can't believed that without letting me know that I was anyhow causing a violation or even talking to me about it or even giving me time to defend myself THEY ALREADY TOOK ACTIONS ABOUT THE VERY ISSUE THAT I BROUGHT UP 2 years ago..... how it can be fair? How come an owner has less rights than a renters unit which this unit owner is a board member ?

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