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How do we fire property management firm for breach of contract?


Can someone tell me how I go about firing a condo management firm for breaching our contract?  We went with a firm in January of this year because our last management company left us three weeks to find someone else. We left them in good standing, it was just that people retired and others climb the ladder to better areas of their career. They were more commercial instead of residential and we are only a 15 unit assoc. Now this new firm (and he is also a lawyer) has taken us on. One down fall this is what he has not done for us in 7 months. 1. Took 3 months to get coupon booklets to the owners 2. Held checks and lost a couple for 3 months before getting the bank account set up. 3. Has been late with paying our bills on time. 4. Cost us a security deposit with our electric co. Along with late fees for the last 4 months. And does not respond to the unit owners on a timely basis if not at all. Makes excuses when I ask him about this mess. Has not sent me the budget for this year, let alone the actual balance in the checking account. Need I go on. My question is and I believe I am right, is this considered a breech on his part and do I have a case to go to court. I am afraid if I do this he has control of our money and will take the next 18 months off the top before returning everything to us. The best one was today when the mailman laid a letter in our mail room addressed to just our association no other name and I as the secretary opened it up to find this dude canceled our security system, and now they want payment in full up to our contract date which is not until 2016. Between myself and the president we are so lost that we feel if we call him out on this mess he is going to try and say we have interfered with his duties and he will say WE breached the contract. We want to get him before he gets us. Any information is better than what we have at the present. We have no money for a lawyer, as I stated he said our names did not have to be on the checking account. Help I am on fire right now, and only good comments need to be given, as I am new at this because no one else will step up to the plate. THANKS. I am from pa. And read and retread that declaration and the by-laws for our state I have searched the Internet also. So I am trying to do my homework

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