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How does condo association voting proxy work?


Our condo association currently sends out a proxy whereas the member can submit a proxy and specify a person to hold the proxy.  The condo board currently operates on the theory of if the share owner signs the proxy but doesn’t specify a specific name, they use the accumulated proxies for the condo board president to cast their votes to a specific name, to include the officers and the re-election of the president himself back into the president position.


Totally seems foiled and one sided.


My first question is it legal and proper for counting a proxy that doesn’t specify a particular person or board member for the proxy holder?


My second, if so does the President get to assume those proxies are for his use and choice of a cumulative vote to both himself and other director positions?


State involved is MS.  I have checked MS law and it only has general rules concerning use of proxy votes and doesn’t relate to this issue.  The by-laws don’t speak to these details either.

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